The Controversial Book, A Warning By Anonymous

A Warning by Anonymous-a senior Trump Administrative Official is an unprecedented behind the scene’s portrait of The Trump The book A Warning by Anonymouspresidency from the anonymous senior official whose first words of warning about the president rocked the nation’s capital.

On September 5, 2018, The New York Times published a bombshell essay and took the rarely step of granting its writer anonymity. Describing only as “a senior official in the Trump Administration,” the author provided eyewitness insight into White House chaos administration instability, and the people working to keep Donald Trump’s reckless impulse in check.

With The 2020 Election On The Horizon

With the 2020 election on the horizon, Anonymous is speaking out once again. In this book, the original author pulls back the curtain even further, offering a first-of-it’s-kind look at the president and his record a must-read before Election Day. It will surprise and challenge both Democrats and Republicans, motivate them to consider how we judge our nation’s leaders and illuminate the consequences of re-electing a commander in chief unfit for the role.

This book is sobering assessment of the man in the oval office and a warning about something even more important. Who We Are, As People.

About The Author Of A Warning by Anonymous

The author of A Warning by Anonymous did not specify when he or she would come out from behind the shadows, but he or she did say: “A WarningAs far as anonymity is concerned, I will not keep my identity shrouded in secret forever.” Anonymous wrote in Reddit: “I am not afraid to use my own name to express concern about the current occupant of The Oval Office, Donald Trump has not heard the last of me.”

What The Publisher Says About Anonymous

So what the publisher says about the book, A Warning by Anonymous is basically firsthand knowledge of what the author hopes to get from this book, or what he or she hopes to accomplish from his or her book, A Warning by Anonymous.

The publisher says that the author did not take an advance payment for the book, and plans to donate a substantial amount of royalties to “non-profit organizations that focus on government accountability and on supporting those who stand up for the truth in repressive countries around the world.” This statement made by a representative of the author, Matt Latimer, who told The Washington Post before the book A Warning by Anonymous came out, in September 2018.

What Does The White House Have To Say About Anonymous

The White House publicly condemned the excerpts of the book, that have emerged before the book came out.

white houseThe White House is denouncing the book by the author of A Warning by Anonymous, saying that the book is “fiction” and the author is a “coward.” The author can not be trusted as accurate because the author won’t put their name on it.

Stephanie Grisham, White House Press Secretary

Stepahanie Grisham said: The coward who wrote this book didn’t put their name on it because it is nothing but lies.Stephanie Grisham Real authors reach out to their subjects to get things fact-checked-but this person is in hiding, making the very basic part of being a real writer impossible. Reporters who choose to write about the farce should have the journalistic integrity to cover the book as what it is-a work of fiction.”

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10 thoughts on “The Controversial Book, A Warning By Anonymous”

  1. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about The Controversial Book, A Warning By Anonymous and explanations are given.

    Maybe you should worry about the imprint of this book. The book also came in view of the American authorities from what I saw on TV. I find it an interesting book and I would definitely read it because I love to read.

    Thanks again for this post. If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account. Good luck!

    1. Thank you Razvanllie for your comment and share away with your social media community, I am still working on my social media outlets and hopefully up and running soon.

  2. That book is going to sell! I am interested in reading it, it will offer lots of insights. I wonder who the author is, if he or she works or worked in the White House. To have access to so much information, one has to have connections. As for the comments about the author deciding to remain anonymous, can you blame him/her? If the name comes out now, there will be repercussions, or what if “an accident” happens to this author when we know the name? I’m still curious though. I am dying to know what is in this book. Are there any excerpts available online?

    1. Thank you Christine for the comment and it is a great book and was on the best seller list for a long time, I am with you if the name of the person gets out, it could be very dangerous for him or her, so in my opinion it does take credibility away, but how else could you inform the public. Not many that I found, the excerpts that I did find I put in my article, the book is not that expensive, hardcover is only $18, I have a couple of links on the article page. The Controversial Book, A Warning By Anonymous

  3. Wow! How informative! I had no idea that this book even existed! What a great idea…Anonymous! The fact that this author says that most of the proceeds will be going to organizations clearly means that he/she did not write this book for money! I am most definitely going to take a look at it. I live in Canada and am fascinated by Trump and his government at the moment. I don’t know what to think anymore. Congrats on a great post!

    1. Thank you SJB for the great comment, and it is a book to read, to get a look behind the scenes of the White House by an Administrative Official, who heard with his own ears and saw things with his own eyes. That’s the beauty of the book.

  4. Most of the first half of this book details the dysfunction in the White House – how it began from an election team who never really thought their candidate would win and subsequently were horribly unprepared for the job beyond the campaign trail.

    There are serious lessons to be learned from this difficult start but the pivotal information hinges on the lack of a strong moral compass in the current leadership group that remains.

    The outcome of the next election and the future of our country’s status and leadership role in promoting and supporting other democratically led countries is on the line. This well written book challenges the 50% of us who will vote and decide the direction of the next election to carefully look at our options.

    Highly recommended books!

    By the way, are you going to use your vote?

    1. Thank you asmadi for your great comment, I am going to use my vote. I will vote my conscience and using my moral compass, I will usually make the right choice, for America and myself. I agree it is a great book to read, if you are from the right wing or the left wing in the political arenas.

  5. Hello Bobbi, clearly you’re back again with another banger. After your recommendation of blowout, by Rachael Maddow, I’ve been on the lookout for another and you’ve  obviously not disappointed. Now I must say, this book : warning by anonymous inspired some really compelling arguments.

    What appears to be most interesting to me is that it’s contents cannot and should not be overlooked. The book is surely a must read for every electorate since there’s the possibility of finding out what’s at stake with this year’s elections in mind.

    Always a pleasure to read hear from you.

    Thanks for sharing 

    1. Thank you Rhain for your comment, this is a book that should make you think and consider, not just what the President says, via Twitter and or in press conferences, etc., before we vote in 2020. Get all te information we can, before we vote, that’s just the smart answer, no matter if you are Democrat or Republican.

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