Betrayal Of Trust By Laurie Garrett

Betrayal Of Trust: The Collapse Of Global Public Health, By Laurie Garrett-Pulitzer Prize Winning, and New York Times Bestselling author of The Coming Plague.

Laurie Garrett
Laurie Garrett

Laurie Garrett takes on perhaps the most crucial global issue of our time in this eye-opening book. Garrett asks: is our collective health in a state of decline? If so, how dire is this crisis and has the public health system itself contributed to it? Using riveting detail and finely-honed storytelling, exploring outbreaks around the world, Garrett exposes the underbelly of the world’s globalization to find out if it can still be assumed that government can and will protect the people’s health, or if that trust has been irrevocably broken.

Importance Of Public Health-Worldwide

The importance of public health elsewhere in the world to our own society may not be at first obvious. Our grandparents grew up in an era when infectious diseases were a frightening reality; when to survive infancy was an accomplishment;when giving birth in and of itself was an invitation to death. At times, it seems we have forgotten all this. We now live in a comfortable ignorance about the health and well-being of people in faraway places. But in truth we are never very far away from the experiences of our forebears.

Relying On Effective Medical Science

We rely today on the effectiveness of medical science and our public health system to protect us. And yet, current medical science and public health practices, really because of their successes, have led to complacency and bureaucratic indifference and have helped to create the real biological peril in which we find ourselves.

We live in a world in which new human pathogens emerge and old infectious diseases once thought conquered can resurface with a vengeance. It is bravado to believe that we care now immune to these killers.

Advances In Public Health And Clinical Medicine

Advances in public health and clinical medicine have reduced infant mortality and raised average life expectancy dramatically-at least for the people of the affluent nations of the world-but history also provides examples of public health measures that had an unforeseen catastrophic impact.

Global Partnership
Global Partnership

In 1924, Albert Calmette and Camille Guerin developed a vaccine for tuberculosis that was widely distributed in developing countries. However, the vaccine was also associated with the death of seventy-seven infants in Lubeck, Germany, and vaccine recipients could no longer rely on the diagnostic tuberculin skin test for a diagnosis of tuberculosis infection.

By lowering childhood exposure to what had been background microbes, water filtration system and improvements in environmental sanitation actually left some people more vulnerable. The emergence of polio as an infectious epidemic disease occured because children did not acquire immunity early in life.

The resurgence and spread of drug-resistant strains of disease-causing microbes represents yet another ongoing threat to our health and well-being. Microbes have the extraordinary capacity for generating genetic variation and growing to immense population sizes at incredible rates; for microbes, minutes are tantamount to years.

Natural selections sorts out the best-adapted microbes, fueling an engine for rapid evolutionary change and improvement. Adaption to a new environment is a potential outcome of this process, and the reason why some disease-causing microbes have developed antibiotic resistance so rapidly.

Even now, continuously evolving microbes find their way comfortably into new hosts, and emerge triumphant after selective pressure is applied through drug therapies or vaccine-induced immunity, especially if these medical interventions are only partially effective.

The resurgence and spread of drug-resistant strains of disease-causing microbes one under control and now no longer curable demonstrates the power and productivity of microbial life. It also demonstrates the difficulty in deriving a durable defense against the microbial challenge.

Continuing Global Partnership

Trumps Pandemic Team
Trump Fired Pandemic Team

The future of public health is to continue to make a difference in conditions in the broader international community. The challenge is to adopt our public health strategy to control environments and modify behaviors in a constantly changing world.

Even with the experts of modern medicine people in the industrialized world may be surprised to find that they are woefully unprepared for the far-reaching challenges of an impending large-scale public health catastrophe.

We need to develop new and continuing global partnership with an ambitious, comprehensive agenda to readdress public health policies for the intervention and prevention of epidemic infectious disease. National healthcare policies should not languish and ultimately fail because politicians do not understand the difference between public health and curative medicine.

What is broken is fixable if the political will is there.

In Conclusion

Laurie Garrett has written a provocative book on the global challenge for public health. In a world in which disparities in the health and well-being of population in industrialized and developing countries are widening and the benefits of public health and disease prevention on life expectancy are not shared, the potential for a global health catastrophe looms large.

The author takes us to the impoverished regions of the Indian subcontinent, where pneumonic plague ravages health and refuses to go away, despite readily available preventive measures and affordable curative medicines.

Ebola OutbreakIn Zaure, outbreaks of Ebola hemographic fever erupt upon disruption of local ecosystems. Curative medicine itself becomes a harbinger of public health calamity as outbreaks of Ebola hemographic fever cluster in the health care setting.

In the newly independent states of the former Soviet Union, economic and political instability, further deterioration of an already poor diet, increasing alcohol consumption, and the descent of a struggle medical system into chaos contribute to the resurgence of tuberculosis and a precipitous fall in life expectancy.

The poor and vulnerable become oppressed by the ruthless and powerful as the organization of the Russian State disintegrates into a Destoyevskian nightmare.

In America, the public health system struggle to cope with threats to the health and well-being of the population because of inadequate regulatory staff to properly inspect and protect food and drinking water. Garrett’s vision of this break-down is indelible.

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Betrayal Of TrustIf you would like to purchase this book, please do here: Betrayal Of Trust, By Laurie Garrett.

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8 thoughts on “Betrayal Of Trust By Laurie Garrett”

  1. Thank you for your review of this book.  I have such a hard time believing we are still fighting these battles.  One would think that with all of science at our disposal we would NOT continue to battle Health Care issues.  Of course, in my opinion, the pharmaceutical companies continue to make out like bandits and we the people cannot afford proper medical supplies unless we have insurance.  Which is another of my concerns.  I myself, have been looking into more holistic healing just to get out of the mainstream “Health Care.”  I continually pray that we as a human race will come to a greater understanding very soon.  So much of our health issues can be prevented.  We have just gotten lazy and submissive.  I also enjoyed your review on, Front Row At The Trump Show.  I agree with the reporter that it is their job to report facts, not opinions.  If only all reporters saw their jobs this way, perhaps we would not be in such chaos.  It’s a reality check for certain, just to think that society has been duped time and time again.  

    Thank you again for your insight.

    With Love, Light and Blessings, Surina

    1. Thank you Surina for your powerful comment about Garrett’s book Betrayal of Trust, you are right about the big Pharma Companies, they just keep raking in the dough. It is so very disturbing to me how every time we change administrations in the White House, or Senate for that matter, we drop the ball again when it comes to tracking and having a world wide organization always working to be in front of the next virus, and yes there will be another. It just feels to me that, Republicans (Trumpers) don’t believe in science, and that is very scary to me. I could go on and on, but I won’t. I also want to thank you for checking out the book, Front Row At The Trump Show, it is one of the more credible books out there and the most informative book, due to the fact that Jonathan Karl has covered and known Trump for 25 years. Anyway thanks again and you have a great day and stay safe.


  2. Helooo Laurie Garrett,  thanks for sharing these valuable content with us, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post, I believe after going through your article I have been enlightened more, your description of each word’s you used made it easy for readers to form an opinion, thanks for the info, I’ll surely do some recommendations

    1. Thanks Skuchmane for your comment, and would greatly appreciate the recommendations. I will keep trying to bring pertinent information to you and others out there, whenever possible. Garrett is a great historian when it comes to pandemics, she has been investigating epidemics and pandemics for years, so I do turn to her when I am looking for accurate and useful information about how this is not the first pandemic and it will not be the last, and if we don’t work together as a world, we will always be behind the killer viruses that are sure to come. Thanks again, and have a great day.


  3. Hello there, thank you so much for this very detailed and comprehensive review of the book betrayal of trust by Laurie garrett,  I understand that for such a comprehensive review alot of conscious, calculated and delibrate effort have been put in binging this together and for the fact that the book addresses a present global concern is a sure reason for me to get it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Jomata, and I agree with you that this book by Garrett, does give us a glimpse into the pandemic we are in now as well as the next pandemic that is surely to come in the near future. She takes us back to how we as a smaller world than we can imagine with all the international travel that happens every day, and how this is how the virus here right now got here as well as the next one that will be coming, will get here. We as people of the world need to look at our world more, and work together to keep these deadly viruses in check. Very good book to take you into what really is going on through-out the world right now, with the world as a whole with new diseases that are coming, and they to me seem to be getting worse and more often. Thanks again, Jomata. Have a great day and stay safe.


  4. Great work on Laurie Garrett, in this her book Garrett takes us to India, where she meticulously examines the course of the countrys pneumonic plague; to Zaire, where the Ebola virus is still largely unchecked; and to Russia, where bad policy and a collapsing society have made for staggering setbacks in all areas of health…
    Hope you do enjoy reading it

    1. Thank you Evans for your comment, it is good to look at what other diseases have done to the world, as well as the US. It shows us during this pandemic, how really we are all in this together, and if we don’t start taking widespread outbreaks more seriously through-out the world, we will be in trouble. Thanks again for your comment, and stay safe and have a great day.


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