Bill Barr-What Is Really Happening?

Roger Stone 2
Roger Stone

More than 1,100 former Justice Department employees signed a public letter urging Attorney General William P. Barr to resign over his handling of the case of President Trump’s longtime friend Roger Stone-and any current department employees to report any unethical conduct that is or has taken place under A.G. Barr’s influence.

Prosecutors Quit

Four prosecutors quit the Stone case last week after Barr and other Justice Department leaders pushed for a softer prison recommendation for Stone, who is due to be sentenced this coming week. Under the 7-9 year guidelines that he was found guilty by a jury of his peers.

Stone was convicted of lying to Congress and Obstruction, intimidating a witness with bodily harm. The President publicly attacked the recommendation and Barr’s urging (influence) the Justice Department filed an update sentencing memo suggesting that Stone should receive less jail time. -Donald J. Trump@realTrump-Twitter- This is horrible and very unfair situation. The real crimes were on the other side as nothing happens to them. Cannot allow this miscarriage of justice!

“I Didn’t Talk To The President” said Barr

trump and barr
Trump and Barr

Barr said he didn’t talk to the president about the Stone sentence, but current and former Justice Department officials have sharply criticized the attorney general.

In the letter that is posted publicly bu the former Justice Department states: “Mr. Barr’s actions in doing the President’s personal biddings unfortunately speak louder than his words. Those actions and the damage they have done to the Department of Justice’s reputation for integrity and the rule of law, require Mr. Barr to resign.” The letter also goes on to say; “Because we have little expectations he will do so, it falls to the Department’s career officials to take appropriate action to uphold their oaths of office and defend non-partisan, apolitical justice.”

The letter also calls for every Justice Department employee to report future abuses to the Inspector General, the office of Professional Responsibility and Congress and to refuse to carry out directives or other misconducts, and if necessary to go publicly-in a manner consistent with professional ethics, and if they had to resign to report this to Americans and the reasons they had to leave the case or the Department of Justice.

Barr Provides Cover For President Trump

Attorney General Barr has repeatedly abused his office to provide cover for President Trump.

The improper actions of AG Barr cover a wide-range of his statements and activities but all result from a single overriding impropriety: the Attorney General has eschewed the core mission of the Department of Justice to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans. Attorney General Barr has instead reportedly demonstrated bias in acting to protest the personal and political interests of President Trump, as opposed to protecting the interests of the American people. He has done this to the detriment of the country and in derogation of the mission and integrity of the Department he leads.

Robert Mueller
Robert Mueller

Barr accused of improper attacks on the investigations of DOJ Special Counsel Mueller and DOJ Inspector General, Horowitz and for making unjustified and unsubstantiated claims to protect Trump during the inquiry process regarding Ukraine that ultimately led to his Impeachment.

Attorney General Barr failed to recuse himself from the Ukraine Whistleblower matter involving the President in which Barr was directly implicated by Trump. Barr is doing huge damage to the integrity and credibility of The Justice Department that he leads. It is the responsibility of the office of Professional Responsibility and the Departmental Ethics Office to hold Barr accountable for his repeated improper actions.

Congress To Investigate A.G. Barr

The New York City Bar Association has asked Congress to investigate A.G. Barr, saying his recent actions and statements have positioned the Justice Department and its prosecutors as “political partisans willing to use the levers of government to empower certain groups over others.”

This request appears to be the first time a bar association from New York City or any comparable group has asked congress to investigate a sitting attorney general. Last year 450 former federal prosecutors from Republican and Democratic administrations signed a statement chastising Barr for his handling of the Mueller report on the Russian election interference in the 2016 election, that helped Trump get elected as President of The Untited States of America.Congress

In an October speech at the University of Notre Dame, Mr. Barr launched a partisan attack against “so-called progressives” for supposedly waging a campaign to destroy the traditional moral order, in the same speech, Mr. Barr vowed to place the Department of Justice at the forefront of efforts to resist forces of secularization. Bill Barr criticized district attorneys from large cities who style themselves as social justice reformers, who spend their time undercutting the police, letting criminals off the hook, and refusing to enforce the law. This is very hypocritical when all that Barr has been doing in the past year is trying to get The Mueller report and the Ukraine Impeachment erased from our memories, with his illegal maneuvers that he has been doing to benefit Trump.

In Conclusion

Summing this all up, what is really happening with Bill Barr. We as a nation are on the verge of becoming a banana republic, where our Justice Departments through-out the U.S. are under a false sense of partisan justice and the rule-of-law. With the presidents indicted and some convicted friends, co-conspirators, and the illegal actions of his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, going around trying to dig up dirt on his political rivals, especially looking into the Bidens. Devin Nunes was spotted in a small town in Indiana, where Pete Buttigieg is from, we have not got any new news from this incident so far, but it will come out, trust me. Under the lead of William P. Barr-Attorney General, are more than likely criminal, but definitely outside the norms of any Justice Department, let alone the Attorney General of The United States of America.

barr and trump
Trump and Barr

Bill Barr is set to meet with the House of Representatives in the last part of March to answer just some questions lined out here. Not only former Justice Department employees have but we as Americans have of our corrupt, inept, and extremely biased partisan attorney general. This will be something to watch for in the upcoming month. The Trump/Barr relationship is trying to not only influence the outcome of cases that involve the president, but also systematically destroying the Mueller report, like it never happened. The Mueller report did not charge Donald Trump of anything illegal, but it also stated that they could not rule it out and it was in the hands of Congress as to what to do from there.

Remembering that Barr wrote a letter (what now seems like a resume’) to the former acting AG which said that the president has the right not to comply with any subpoenas and or documents that involved the Mueller report inquiry. Eight months later, he was confirmed as the new Attorney General for the Trump Administration.

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4 thoughts on “Bill Barr-What Is Really Happening?”

  1. Great post Bobbi. I like the reference to the Banana Republic. We are in fact in such a transition point in our country, it’s going to be interesting to see how far it need to fall before it can rise back up. But there are plenty of times in history where “empires” fall and never recover. It saddens me greatly to see someone like Barr allowed to operate in such political and selfish way. What happened to our government who should care about our people first and foremost. Thanks for shedding like on the subject, it can’t be done enough.  

    1. Thank you JB for your comment, I agree with you 100% , we are as a nation on the verge of a major crisis with the rule of law in our country, this will play out in all courts and sentence guidelines in those courts for years if the judge in the Stone case, lowers the guidelines and or gives a higher sentence from the interference from Barr, he has put the judge in quite the predicament. 

  2. The American judiciary system is quite complicated like any other country in the world, public servants carrying out solicited and unsolicited favors for the presidency is the order of the day in so many countries. The issues with Bill Barr could only be known by insiders. There are lots of things that goes on in government offices that we do not know, we only rely on the media and press men to provide us with information and most of the time these information are not clear cut. 

    1. Thank you Samikings for your comment, I do agree that a lot happens behind closed doors, but we must look at what is happening right in front of our eyes. This is not the way that the Justice Department should work, it is not constitutional and it definitely breaks the norms and possibly the law. I think we need to watch what happens during the sentencing of the Stone case.

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