Book: For The People

The book, For The People-A Citizen Manifesto To Shaping Our Nations Future, by Simon Chadwick

Simon Chadwick
Simon Chadwick

“This book is a must-read for everyone running for any type of office. Debates and arguments from people on either side of the aisle will be well-informed and productive after having read it.–Kumar Mehta, author and principal at Bridge Insight, and Senior Research Fellow, Center for the Digital Future, University of Southern California

Case For A Different Way

“If we take this book seriously and ground our differing perspectives in its principles as we debate, our country will be the better for it. Chadwick’s carefully considered suggestions can serve as a springboard for a more respectful and considered dialogue. He argues convincingly that the surest way to authoritarian rule is by defining the community in-group narrowly, instead advocates for broad inclusiveness. This book proposes that effective leadership rests on foundations not only of inclusion, but also of empathy, authenticity, listening, inspiration, and empowerment. Chadwick’s wide-range and thought-provoking assessment of today’s most polarizing issues should be read by everyone interested in better understanding the actions required to preserve over democracy.”—Sim Sitkin, Michael W. Krzyzewski, Professor and Principal, Behavior Science and Policy Center, Duke University.

America In Crisis

America has always held itself up to be exceptional. And, in many ways, it is. America for two centuries has been a land of ingenuity, invention, and dynamism, a century where technology, industry, culture, and the arts have combined to produce a place unlike any other on this planet.

FreedomPolitically, America has also been a beacon for the concept of democracy, albeit one that is wrapped in a very Roman construct of the “republic.” Here the media is free and the people are protected by a constitution that among other things, sanctifies freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of worship, and freedom from authoritarian overreach in the form of search. The very word “freedom” is baked into the central idea of “these United States,” even if its practice right from the beginning was rather selective. It is a land where, theoretically people are limited only by their own imaginations and where opportunity is rife. Its people are proud of this America, as they should be, and are proud to be called patriots.

In Reality America Is Broken

But the reality is that today America is broken. Worse than that, it is exceptionalism gone haywire. The political system crafted by the Founding Fathers has mutated into a government structure overrun by special interests and their money, which in its turn, acts like the poison of a very virulent insect and renders politicians incapable of acting the best interests of both their constituents and the country as a whole.

Trump breaking AmericaThe system that was supposed to balance power between government institutions has become one of the stasis-the inability of government, to actually govern. This country is divided as never before into opposing camps succored by social media bubbles in which people only converse with and receive ideas from those similar in outlook to themselves. A Congress that, at the House level, has been so gerrymandered as to make the concept of representative government laughable is rendered incapable of dealing with the nation’s most pressing issues. And the public, so fed up with politics as usual, has elected-via a very broken electoral college construct-a president who has shown himself to be a narcissist, incompetent who has single-handedly ceded America’s leadership on the world stage to the Chinese and the Russians.

Wealth Inequality Is Out Of Control

As wealth inequality has spiraled out of control-exacerbated by tax reform that blatantly favors the rich-and social mobility has dried up, poverty and racial inequality have persisted even as unemployment statistics have trended downward. Persistent, chronic problems that uniquely plague American society, such as mass shootings in schools or public arenas, remain unaddressed, even as the electorate demands reform. Americans are ten times more likely to be killed by guns than are citizens of other developed countries, and yet this is supposed to be taken as normal. And demands for reform are met with hysterical responses from the National Rifle Association (NRA) and inaction by politicians who are in its pocket.

Other Persistent Chronic Problems

Persistent chronic problems are met with the same inability, or, worse, hostility-to deal with them. Consider, for instance, lack of access to health care due to exorbitant insurance rates or lack of insurance. When the Obama administration tried to deal with this issue (in a very American way), it was howled down as “socialism” and became the focus of innumerable Republican attempts to sink it.

What is socialismThe fact that the USA spends three times as much on health care as other developed nations but with outcomes that woefully lag behind them? Ignored. Or that we have a secondary education system that is completely broken and also has outcomes well below these of our competitors? Ignored. Or that our social safety net is under consistent attack by those who need to finance tax breaks for the wealthy? Ignored. And how about the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) where the man initially appointed by Trump to run it made no bones about his desire to destroy it, and a president who clearly has no patience for environmental stewardship?

Achieving The American Dream

America has become a country lacking in both physical and psychological security-and this insecurity is a clear and present danger to world peace and stability. This must-read, political call to action is for anyone dissatisfied with our dysfunctional government and seeking real change. Author: Simon Chadwick argues that the American dream realizing self-actualization (The Pursuit Of Happiness), the pinnacle of psychologist Abraham Maslow’s famous Hierarchy of needs Chadwick sets out in simple and straight forward terms how we can serve US democracy by fulfilling every citizen’s innate needs, including the top echelon of achieving his or her creative potential. In order to generate greater overall contentment for the citizens.

In Conclusion

Chadwick proposes that a country must establish a democratic libertarian government, a form that is much closer to the general intent of the Constitution, which gives every person the right to live in peace, without fear, under its protection.

By dissenting current events and framing them in Maslow’s hierarchy. Chadwick offers fascinating historical and cultural context, and clear, positive advice for how our country, culture, and government can move toward democratic libertarianism, self-actualization, and ultimate satisfaction.

book For The PeopleIf you have any questions, or want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back with you as soon as I can.  For The People, by Simon Chadwick

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8 thoughts on “Book: For The People”

  1. Nice work on how best to preserve democracy by Chadwick. I like how it proposes that effective leadership rests on foundations not only of inclusion, but also of empathy, authenticity, listening, inspiration, and empowerment, which is worthy to note. This is an article all and sundry should go through. Thumbs up 

    1. Thank you Juliet, and I agree with you 100%, it is a book that does show the way we can possibly get back the American Dream, and to come together as one and get rid of the division in our country today. Created by Donald Trump, which I don’t believe has ever been done before to this magnitude. Thanks again.

  2. This is very helpful article for people who love reading. This book is a must read book for everyone, no one us exempted from reading this book because it is very helpful and will teach you everything you need to know. This has really taught me more about America and it’s history. Thanks for sharing

  3. I was intrigued to read this book review. Chadwick is right in claiming that defining a community in-group narrowly indeed leads to authoritarian rule. Isn’t this broadly what philosphers like John Locke, Voltaire, and Rousseau also suggested? (If I’m not mistaken) Under broad inclusiveness I understand the power of the individual, we as individuals and no longer as members of a group. Is that correct? 

    It is very true that the US is divided  into two opposing camps, and that no president before Trump has ever achieved to divide his country so. What an “accomplishment”, isn’t it? 

    The public shootings are out of control, and it is a reason why many tourists opt not to travel to the US, according to an article I read a few months ago. I believe it. I would be nervous about going too. I would even be wary of going through immigration at the airport there.

    Chadwick’s book looks like an interesting read. I’m tempted to buy it. It appears to me that it may have a philosophical tone, which would make me want to buy the book more. I hope I’m not mistaken 😉 

    1. Thank you Christine, it does have a philosophical look at society today and how and why we are so divided and how the power of money definitely has a huge influence in the leaders we have and that those leaders who were bought have to now pay back, with policy votes. Very disturbing. Now Trump dividing us as a nation, is by far the scariest thing to me, and Chadwick does go into the divide in this country and how we can start to fix it. Christine, Thanks again.

  4. I enjoyed reading your post, it covered many things most Americans wonder about, I know I do. One question that haunts me is honestly, can our country be fixed? I wonder if we have passed the buck for so long by just sitting back waiting for the other guy to fix it making us so broken that there is no glue strong enough to fix it. Is this possible? I agree with the premise although, I actually find faults on both sides of the political divide. I have never been one for politics nor do I totally identify with any political party. I tend to identify with right and wrong with no double talk and frankly you find that in all parties. 

    It seems no one wants to listen, they just want to talk, no one wants to agree only fight, our politicians condemn bullying in school yet do it on national television at rallies. I know there is a lot of things here in America that need changing personally, in my opinion, the first change must be with “We The People” we need to start demanding more from our government. Second, politicians need to be held accountable for any and all actions that are not congruent with public needs rather than being self-serving. 

    Wonderful post thank you.

    Susan Boston

    1. Thank you Susan for your comment, I also find faults on both sides. I am an Independent voter and I have been so confused by both Republican and Democrats, that it has to be this way or nothing, there is no more working across the aisle, and that scares me. I totally agree with you that WE THE PEOPLE have to ask more from our government and then demand answers for our questions or policy issues. Thanks again, Susan

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