Book: It Was All A Lie

It Was All A LieIt Was All A Lie: How The Republican Party Became Donald Trump By Stuart Stevens.

From the most successful Republican political operative of his generation, a searing, unflinching, and deeply personal expose’ of how his party became what it is today.

Stuart Stevens-Decades Electing Republicans

Stuart Stevens
Stuart Stevens

Stuart Stevens spent decades electing Republicans at every level, from presidents to senators to local officials. He knows the GOP as intimately as anyone in America, and in this new book he offers a devastating portrait of a party that has lost its moral and political compass.

This is not a book about how Donald J. Trump hijacked the Republican Party and changed it into something else. Stevens shows how Trump is in fact the natural outcome of five decades of hypocrisy and self-delusion, dating all the way back to the civil rights legislation of the early 1960s. Stevens shows how racism has always lurked in the modern GOPs DNA, from Goldwater’s opposition to desecration to Ronald Reagan’s welfare queens and states’ rights rhetoric. He gives an insider’s account of the rank hypocrisy of the party’s claims to embody “family values,” and shows how the party’s vaunted commitment to fiscal responsibility has been a charade since the 1980s. When a party stands for nothing, he argues, it is only natural that it will be taken over by the loudest and angriest voice in the room.


5 Start Review“A brilliant, unflinching look at the descent of the GOP-backed up with data, historic sweep and first person insights. This one is a must read.” – John Avlon

“I devoured an early copy in one setting the day it arrived-highly recommended. It Was All A Lie, if you want to try to understand how the GOP got to this very dark place.” – Elise Jordan

“It’s great! Highly recommended.” Max Boot

In Conclusion

It Was All A Lie is not just an indictment of the Republican Party, but a candid and often lacerating mea culpa. Stevens is not asking for pitty or forgiveness; he is simply telling us what he has seen firsthand. He helped to create the modern party that kneels before a morally bankrupt con man and now he wants nothing more than to see what it has become burned to the ground.

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2 thoughts on “Book: It Was All A Lie”

  1. I am an Independent without a status. Rep or Dem.period.
    I still find I difficult to watch. This Party was never for Blacks,
    Never for Women. Now it isn’t for anthing honorable.

    1. I feel you Illie, but if we the people stand strong and vote, as if your life (democracy) depends on it, then hopefully we can get out from the want to be autocrat in office. The only way is to vote. The Republican Senate has made it abundantly clear that they will never go against Trump for anything. Even bounties on our American Soldiers Lives, which of course Trump’s friend and confidant Putin payed for. I am also an independent voter, but you can bet the house that I WILL BE VOTING BLUE UP AND DOWN THE TICKET. Thank you so much for your comment, greatly appreciated, and please come back anytime. I am writing now about How Democratic Is The American Constitution, and it is so fascinating how far we have come, but how during Trump’s presidency, what we have learned about our constitution and how it can be so manipulated by a lawless man, and his henchmen, by fear and power over our own constitution. Thanks again, and have a great day. Sorry it took me awhile to get back with you, I was camping and out of service connection.

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