Book Review Of American Carnage

American Carnage-On The Front Lines Of The Republican Civil War-And The Rise Of President Trump.

Watershed Moment For The United States

Tim Alberta
Author: Tim Alberta

The 2016 election was a watershed moment for The United States. But as author Tim Alberta explains in American Carnage, to understand Trump’s victory is to view him not as the creator of this era of polarization and bruising partisanship, but rather as its most manifest consequence.

A President’s Rise, A Party’s Collapse

American Carnage is the story of a president’s rise based on a country evolution and a party’s collapse. As George W. Bush left office with record-low approval ratings and Barack Obama led a Democratic takeover of Washington. Republicans faced a moment of reckoning.

The Republican Party had no vision, no generation of new leaders, and no energy in the party’s base. Yet Obama’s forceful pursuit of his progressive agenda, coupled with the nation’s rapidly changing society and demographic identity, lit a fire under the right, returning Republicans to power and inviting a bloody struggle for the party’s identity in the post-Bush era.

The Factions that emerged-one led by absolutists like Jim Jordan and Ted Cruz, the other led by pragmatists like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell-engaged in a series of devastating internecine clashes and attempted coups for control.

GOP Under Trump

With GOP’s internal fissures rendering it legislatively impotent, and that impotence fueling a growing resentment toward the political class and its institutions, the stage was set for an outsider to crash the party. When Trump descended a gilded escalator to announce his run in the summer of 2015, the candidate had met the moment.

A Decade-Long Civil War Inside The GOP

Only by viewing Trump as the culminating of a decade-long civil war inside the GOP-and the parallel sense of cultural, socioeconomic, and technological disruption during that period-can we appreciate how he won the White House and consider the fundamental questions at the center of America’s current turmoil.

People in cagesHow did a party of compassionate conservatism become the party of Muslim bans and family separation? How did the party of family values elect a three time married philanderer? And, most important, how long can such a party survive?

In Conclusion

Loaded with explosive original reporting and based off hundreds of exclusive interviews-including with key players such as President Trump, Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Jim DeMint and Reince Priebus, among many others-American Carnage takes us behind the scenes of this tumultuous period as we’ve never seen it before and establishes Tim Alberta as the premier chronicle of this political era.

New York Times ‘Top Books Of 2019.

New York Times Bestseller.

Politico Magazine’s chief political correspondent provides a rollicking insider’s look at the making of the Modern Republican Party-how a decade of cultural upheaval, populist outrage, and ideological warfare made the GOP vulnerable to a hostile takeover from the unlikeliest of insurgents: Donald Trump.

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6 thoughts on “Book Review Of American Carnage”

  1. I had heard of this book, but this is the first review I have read for it. It’s interesting that there was a “civil war” within the Republican party that bore fruit in 2016 and now I see something similar happening in the Democratic party. Ideological differences aside, the common denominator seems to be a societal shift toward populism. That has been the trend on both the left and the right for some years now and seems poised to continue into the foreseeable future. The Republicans may have gotten more traction sooner, but it remains to be seen how the left’s version of this shakes out. 

    1. Hi Randy and thank you for your comment, and I agree with you about the Democratic Party as well has shifted, now I am an Independent, but the politics on both sides, especially the republicans has reached a new level with Trump. Seriously to watch a U.S. President lie with such ease is scary in itself, but now when we need a leader at the top, his messages are contradicted even in the same press briefing, and for no republican to say anything about this, is disturbing as hell.

  2. Hi! I completely agree with you: Trump is not the creator of this era but rather a consequence of it. Approaching things this way makes us understand some of the stances he has adopted and why they seem to be received well. I never imagined I’d see days like those in which the Republican reached a record-low approval rating. Trump is just a consequence.

    1. Thank you Abel for your comment, I don’t even recognize the republican party anymore. I am an Independent and have voted republican and democratic, so I know what both are and use to be, but these changes that have gradually happened through out the years has reached a new level with Trump. I am worried that they have lost their way and it will be hard to come back after that.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing such an informative article among us. I appreciated this post very much. Here you have discussed in detail about American Carnage. I read this book. It is an amazing book for American President history. We have to learn from this book. The book has presented the President’s history very nicely. I think this book is perfect for your choice. I’m so impressed. Thanks for presenting beautifully. I think this article is useful for everyone.
    Lastly, I would like to share this post on my social media so everyone can know about American Carnage. Thanks

    1. Thank you Tanvir for your comment, the republican party has changed, the party has been going through a transformation period for 15-20 years, and now with Trump at the helm, it has become so polarized and partisan that nothing with any merit will ever get done. We right now have The Speaker of the House and The President of the United States not even speaking to each other. This shows the vengefulness of the president, because in his eyes, Pelosi (Speaker of the House) is the one who impeached him. 

      I could go on and on, but it was a perfect storm and when Trump leaves office, either in 5 months or almost 5 years, the republican party has lost it’s way for sure.

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