Bret Baier: Three Days At The Brink

Three Days At The BrinkThis book from the #1 bestselling author and award-winning anchor of the Special Report with Bret Baier, comes the gripping lost history of the Tehran conference where FDR, Churchill and Stalin plotted D-Day and the second World War’s endgame. With the fate of the World War II in doubt and rumors of Nazi assassination plot swirling, Franklin Roosevelt risked everything at a clandestine meeting that would change the course of history.

November 1943

Hitler and Musilini
Mussolini and Hitler

In November 1943: The Nazi’s and their Axis allies controlled nearly the entire European continent, Japan dominated the Pacific. Allied successes at Sicily and Guadalcanal had gained the modest ground but at an extraordinary cost. On the Eastern Front, the Soviet Red Army had been bled white; The path of history walked a knife’s edge.

The Big Three

Roosevelt Churchill and Stalin
Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill

That same month a daring gambit was hatched that would alter everything. The “Big Three-Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin-secretly met for the first to chart a strategy for defeating Adolf Hitler, over three days in Tehran, Iran, this trio-strange bedfellows united by their mutual responsibility as heads of the Allied powers-made essential decisions that would direct the final years of the war and its aftermath. Meanwhile, looming over the covert meeting was the possible threat of a Nazi assassination plot, code-named Operation Long Jump.

Before they left Tehran, the three-leaders agreed to open a second front on the West, spearheaded by Operation Overload and the D-Day invasion of France and Normandy the following June. They also discussed what might come after the war, including dividing Germany and establishing the United Nations-plans that laid the grunt work for the postwar world order and the Cold War.

Bestselling Author And Fox News Anchor, Bret Baier

Bret Baier
Bret Baier

The bestselling author and anchor at Fox News-Bret Baier’s new epic history, Three Days At The Brink, centers on these crucial days in Tehran, the medieval Persian City on the edge of the desert. Baier makes clear the importance of Roosevelt, who stood apart the sole leader of the democracy, recognizing him as the lead strategist for the globe’s future-the one man who could ultimately allow or deny the others their place in history.

With new details discovered in rarely seen transcripts, oral histories, and declassified state department and presidential documents from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library. Baier illuminates the complex character of Roosevelt, revealing a man who grew into his role and accepted the greatest challenge any American president since Lincoln had faced.

Kirkus Review

Admitting he is not a historian, Baier (Three Days In Moscow: Ronald Reagan And The Fall Of The Soviet Empire, 2018) takes on one of the most written-about personas in history offering his “personal journalist’s spin on the great events of Roosevelt’s day.” Baier states in this book, “as was the case with so many presidents, Franklin Roosevelt’s day.” Baier states in this book, “as was the case with so many presidents, Franklin Roosevelt’s mother was the wind beneath his expansive wings. “FDR’s rise in politics was temporarily slowed by polio, but even that could not defeat his spirit. “It strengthened him,” writes Baier, “as if he had been waiting all his life for a challenge large enough for his ambitions.” Three Days In JanuaryWithin his crucible,” FDR became a vital leader just in time to help lead the faltering nation out of Depression. By this time FDR forged his partnership with Churchill, Roosevelt was at the top of his game, a war president who had supreme confidence in his persuasive abilities. Meeting Stalin for the first time face to face had been a hard-won charm offensive, and agreeing to stay in the Soviet Embassy compound (knowing it was bugged) confounded the British even as it disarmed the Soviets. The campaign to hammer out the cross-channel invasion had begun.

In Conclusion

This book by Bret Baier “Three Days At The Brink,” is wonderfully written with Baier’s opinions and highly admiring biography that breaks no new ground using the three days at Tehran, that vital conference,” as the apotheosis of his leadership-when he took a chance on Joseph Stalin, whose country’s might was deemed necessary to turn the tide of war against the Nazis.

The third in a presidential trilogy by the Fox News host spotlights another telling moments of executive leadership in Franklin D. Roosevelt’s case, the decision, made in November 1943 to embark on an invasion of Normandy.

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12 thoughts on “Bret Baier: Three Days At The Brink”

  1. although I hate War. I will admit that it is very interesting to read about it. especially when it comes to politicians and the generals in that type of thing. You can’t get too Many people that are more interesting than Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill. They must have been. Something else to learn what they talked about.

    1. Thank you Jake for your comment, I agree with you that all war is bad, however I feel if this war was not entered into by us, and we left Europe hanging, the outcome might not of been what it is and the world would be more than likely ruled by dictators and monarchies. Thanks again for your comment.

  2. Thank you for sharing and reviewing a good read. I love reading and thank to the Kindle, I can just keep reading from one to another. It is like binge reading for me. I love to read history book and the author’s opinion because we don’t really know what actually went down, lol I love to hear some critical thinking and comparing with my thinking as well. Three days at the Brink is definitely on my list after I finish my current book. 🙂

    1. Thank you Nuttanee for your comment, this book is based off of facts from the archives, but also Baeir puts in his own spin in the way he writes about what Roosevelt’s mother had said, but it gives you more of a personal touch, I guess. When you are ready for a new book, make sure to keep my website in mind.

  3. What a great book!

    I am not interested in politics but I am interested in History and how the world used to be during the not so great war.

    I might consider buying the book by the author Bret Baier. I didn’t know he wrote books.

    I am sure going to grab one from Amazon.

    I loved your review.

    1. Thank you Michael for your comment, and yes Bret Baier has wrote a trilogy on the World War II in different stage of it, I have them all on this post, links are on the pictures of the three different books in this article if you would like to look at them from Amazon. Thanks again for your comment.

  4. Hi, Bobbi.
    Thanks for sharing your information on one of the great book “Three days at the Brink” by Bret Baier. It was a history moment when Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill met for the first time during war period and what happened after the Tehran meet is known to the entire world. You raised my curiosity to the top notch and I will be buying this book soon.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Thank you Gaurav for your comment, greatly appreciated, it is a wonderful book and one that has such important ideas and decisions, that more than likely changed the whole world, from becoming under the control of 3-4 dictators, thank God for the three brave leaders, Roosevelt, Churchill, and the controversial Stalin.

  5. Bobbi, I truly admire your interests in political education. I wish that the “millennials” could absorb the history of politics with an open mind to all opinions. I do like your site. I think that you may want to look at what I just said and “dress it down” a bit to attract a far ranging audience. Having grown up in the 60’s, I know where my thoughts were then. Fortunately, I avoided Vietnam due to the draft. I got lucky, a very high draft number. But, that whole draft thing may have been rigged. There you go, another idea to investigate! 

    I guess what I am offering you is the concept to adapt to the reaching out to the newer thoughts of “WordSpeak”. 1984 has come and gone. The 21st. century contains a whole new world of social malfunction. Ironic isn’t it that the “Big Three” had their meeting in Tehran! Peace, Mark.

    1. Thank you Mark for your comment, I also wish that the millennials would read more about the history of this great country so that we all have an informed opinion on our votes in November. I do get a lot of different opinions, but I also want to put the books out there that are truthful in this diverse time we live in. I will definitely look into some more books about Trump, that are not based on conspiracy theory. I have wrote about his accomplishments, here is that link:… I will look into the draft of the Vietnam War, and also WordSpeak. Thanks again Mark.

  6. Thank You Sir Your Nice Writing.The Bret Baier: Three Days At Th Brink book is a historical book. As I read your article, I realized that the book depicts Hitler and Germany in World War II. I will collect the book and read it.I think that reading a book can bring a lot of knowledge and history.

    1. Thank you jahangirl alam for your comment, greatly appreciated, I am a female, but that is alright, and no worries there. I agree with you that we all need to brush up on the history of our beautiful country, so that we do not make the same mistakes that we did in the past.

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