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Every president has people (official advisers) who offer input and guidance with on how to run the president’s administration. And President Trump is no different. However, Donald Trump’s administration, there are plenty of unofficial advisers, and most of those are working at Fox News (which is listed as an Entertainment Channel). The #1 non-administrative consultant to President Trump is Sean Hannity (Fox News Commentator).

Is Hannnity Controlling President Trump?

Sean Hannity, is a controversial and conservative political commentator from Fox News, he has been a very staunch supporter of Donald Trump’s Presidency. With Sean Hannity’s growing influence on Donald Trump’s base, some critics are asking: “Has Hannity joined Trump’s adviser list, and is he controlling the president?

Why has Hannity always doubled down on his support for Donald Trump? Other political commentators were reporting on Trump’s behaviors and recent scandals-the sexual assault charges, illegal payment claims, to name a few during the 2016 campaign.

President Trump from the beginning has called almost every NEWS channel, fake news, even Fox at the beginning of his campaign. However throughout his first term in office-Fox News has become his biggest supporter, especially Sean Hannity.

The connection between Sean Hannity and the president has gotten a lot of attention. Many historians have noted that this relationship is particularly interesting because of “the extent of Hannity’s reach.”. Sean Hannity has used his knowledge of the Republican base and his new influence to defend the Trump Administration

According to reports, President Trump regularly calls Hannity after his nightly show. Donald Trump promotes his Sean Hannity live appearances on Twitter. It seems that Trump gets favorable news, and Hannity gets more viewers-from Trump’s followers. Win, Win for both.

Tucker Carlson (Fox News Host) Trump’s Confidant

Carlson started out during the 2016 campaign and Trump’s first year in office, bashing him, talking about his numerous scandals, how he doesn’t have a clue what he is doing, etc. But Then:

Trump tweeted a clip of Fox’s Carlson’s, praising the president for a speech in which Trump had echoed the divisive culture war narratives that host himself has repeatedly promoted on his program.

Tucker Carlson is now the most powerful member of the Fox Cabinet. The network with the help of their commentators, who are playing roles as unofficial presidential advisers. They do this by speaking to Trump directly and shaping his worldview through the programs that he watches obsessively.

The Fox commentators like Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Jeanine Pirro, Laura Ingram, and Pete Hegseth have each influence the Trump administrations actions over the years.

Even as major advertisers have fled from Carlson’s show due to his bigoted, unhinged rants in recent months against America’s diversity, both the host’s audience and his sway over President Trump and the Republican party have swelled to eclipse those of his colleagues.

Tucker Carlson’s monologues became darker and more racist, with his twisted rants that had conspiracy theories, racist fear mongering, attacks on the Black Lives Matter Movement, demands for mass arrests, defense of statues, and denunciations of Republicans who didn’t believe in Trump and his vision for America.

Donald Trump responded by turning away from police reform, and instead he backed protests against police killings in favor of a Carlson-style fixation and culture war divisiveness.

Laura Ingraham’s Over Whelming Support For Trump

Fox News host Laura Ingraham has called on state Department employees to quit if they do not agree with President Trump’s policies, as the impeachment investigation into the president’s illegally asking for help in the 2016 presidential election. President Trump, asked for foreign interference to help him win the election, by asking the president of Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden and his son. This is a proven fact.

Ingraham’s attack come soon after Bill Taylor, America’s most senior diplomat in Ukraine, submitted 15-pages of explosive written testimony detailing his concerns about the Trump Administration’s interaction with Ukrainian government. Ingraham says: “If you don’t like Trump’s America first’ policy, then quit,”. and went on to say “you are obligated to quit.”.

Donald Trump’s Fox News influence sparks network Civil War as Laura Ingraham, Chris Wallace trade insults. Ingraham attempted to dismiss the entire hearing over Attorney General William Barr’s handling of Robert Mueller’s report saw her lashing out at Wallace for failing to get in line with some of his colleagues.

Ingraham calls into the 9 a.m. ET show, America’s Newsroom, and spouts off about one of her co-workers, Chris Wallace (Only REAL journalists, commentator, at Fox News). Ingraham spouts out again with: “I guess that he kind of agrees with these other cable networks.”.

The internal rifts between opinion and fact-based Fox News figures, but it also shows to the power of President Donald Trump’s ability to divide and conquer the network and entice glowing daily coverage of him. Once again a Win, Win on both sides. These relationships that are so favorable for Donald Trump is all about the money. With 90 percent of Americans who watch Fox News favorably approve of Donald Trump, so speaking against him, be it truth or not, is what gets high ratings.

The Firewall Of Fox News

If there is anyone out there who is a critic of President Trump who wonders about the tenacity of his supporters need only spend three hours with Fox News Channel’s headliners each night, like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham.

These three hosts reach an estimated 3 million to 4 million people each week-night, the most-watched lineup on cable television-with a full throated defense of the president, no matter what. The conspiracy theories, untruths, inflated narratives and down right lies that come from these three commentators with Fox News, is not only disturbing, but the information given by these Fox Hosts is very dangerous to your health during this Coronavirus Pandemic, and all the disinformation and blatant lies that came out of their mouths, is very dangerous and lethal in my opinion.

Fox News Commentators Salaries

Fox News Network is on the path to $2 billion in profits and that Sean Hannity cleared $30 million a year from Fox. Bret Bair (Fox Host) made $12 million a year and Laura Ingraham netted about $10 million a year. Tucker Carlson is listed a net worth of $15.2 million.

Contributors to Fox News can make more than half a million each if they are among some of Fox’s most popular talking heads. After the sale of the bulk of the former 21st Century Fox’s assets to Walt Disney Company the new company, Fox Corp., is exceedingly reliant on Fox News for its business, and financial securities.

Of course, we have to look no further than the owner, CEO of Fox News and his son James. Rupert Murdoch is worth $2.2 billion and his sons net worth is 500 million. Remember this is not a News broadcasting network, it is listed as entertainment, and that means that they do not need two confirmations on the news that they are putting out there. Untruths and Lies, I guess are entertainment in Fox’s Eyes.

In Conclusion

While other leaders were gathering resources to fight the greatest pandemic in modern history. President Trump was watching T.V. Donald Trump watches over six hours of Fox News a day. In January 2020, when Fox News began to downplay COVID-19, Trump was quick to agree. In March, as the deadly virus spiraled out of control, Sean Hannity mocked “coronavirus hysteria” as a “new hoax” from the Democrats.

Millions of Americans took Hannity and Trump’s words as truth-until it started to hit home, a little to close, when their own families and friends started getting sick, and yes died.

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  1. I have to firstly commend the effort put into provide such a useful insight into the issue discussed. Most times high profile controversies of this nature has lots of falsehood to them. But i must say that level of research and information disseminated in relation to Trump/Fox controversy is commendable.

    1. Thank you Lucas for your comment, I try to get the information that I put into my website from the people that I am writing about, straight from their own mouths, this way it is hard to take out of context and the truth will always come out. Thanks again and have a great day.

  2. Hello there, Thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. For me, I think we should all disregard all these things as a sub-body can affect the head action in any way or else the presidents have some cockroaches in his cupboard.

    1. Thank you Ismeglamour for your comment, and I am with you as far as watching Fox News, I don’t watch much news, but since I have started this website back in January, I can’t ignore what is really going on in America, and my goal is to reach out to people and have them make their own decisions. It is hard to get everything, but I truly go by the facts, and not just my opinion. Thanks again and have a great day.

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