Donald Trump v. The United States By Michael Schmidt

Donald Trump v. The United States: Inside The Struggle To Stop A President By Michael Schmidt.

With unparelled reporting, a Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter continues to break news about the most important political story of our lives as he chronicles the clash between a president and the officials of his own government who tried to stop him.

About The Author, Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt is a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington correspondent for The New York Times. Over his fifteen years at the Times, he has covered the investigations of the Trump Presidency, the Pentagon, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and the war in Iraq. He started his career at the New York Times as a clerk answering the phones on the foreign desk before becoming a sport’s reporter covering performance-enhancing drugs and legal issues. He is a graduate of Lafayette College.

How Trump Defied All Logic, Laws, And Political Norms

Nearly all public figures would reject the domestic divisiveness and foreign disruption from the Russian involvement of 2016 election. But Trump embraced these dual forces, emerging as both the outgrowth and embodiment of this new political era.

Donald Trump’s refusal to follow norms or honor traditions became a core feature of his political appeal. Trump weathered a series of campaign crisis that would have ended the candidacies of anyone else (running for any official office, especially the presidency). Stoking the fires of a growing tribalism and resentment among a segment of the electorate that felt ignored during the Obama years, he rode their support all the way to the White House.

Trump’s Wielding Power

Everything that came next after his rise to power, soon was to be overshadowed by what happened next. As president, Trump sought to wield power in a way so concerning to those around him, top aides and officials in the executive branch were tasked with implementing the administration’s agenda and enforcing the law.Wielding Power

No part of the Washington establishment seemed protected from the pull of Trump’s demand for loyalty to his party of one. They were faced with a singular question: Are you with Donald Trump or against him?

A professional bureaucracy that had historically operated outside the church of partisan politics, keeping the gears of government turning across Democratic and Republican administrations, found itself thrust into the post-fact, hyperpartisan energy now no longer willing to work with the democrats, directly from the White House (Oval Office). The Republican leadership became Trump’s public defenders, after first fighting his agendas.

Those lawmakers (elected by the people) became Trump’s public defenders, they were now maligned as part of the “Deep State” and deemed “fake news”, if you stepped out of line and or challenged Trump with facts, you were punished by either being degraded on Fox News and or tweeted about by Donald Trump. Both could and did end some careers. Facts did not matter anymore, it had to be Trump’s way or the “highway”

This hard line that those who felt compelled to confront and try to contain the most powerful man in the world (Donald Trump) as he shredded norms and sought to expand his power.

About The Book

In the early days of the Trump presidency, the people who work in the institutions that make America, saw Trump up close in the Oval Office and became convinced that they had to stand up to an unbound president. These officials faced a situation without parallel in American history: What do you do, and who do you call if you are the only one standing between the president, his extraordinary powers, and the abyss?

Emboldened Trump
Vindman, Trump and Sondland

Schmidt has broken many of the major stories of the Trump era, from the news of Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email account to the report on former FBI director James Comey’s contemporaneous memos of conversations with Trump that led directly to the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller III.

Now he takes us inside the defining events of the presidency, chronicles them up close, and records the clash between an increasingly emboldened president and those around him, who find themselves trying to thwart the president they had pledged to serve, unsure whether he is acting in the interest of the country, his ego, his family business, or Russia. Through our and the lawmakers eyes and ears, we observed an epic struggle to stop Donald Trump.

In Conclusion

Drawing on secret FBI and White House documents and confidential sources inside federal law enforcement and the West Wing, Donald Trump v. The United States is vital journalism, recording the shocking reality of a presidency like no other, a riveting contemporary history, and a lasting account of just how fragile and vulnerable the institutions of American democracy really are.

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2 thoughts on “Donald Trump v. The United States By Michael Schmidt”

  1. Hello; thanks for unveiling some of the faults found in the presidency of the American Government and its people. Donald Trump does nothing short of making me laugh.

     Being an outsider I see many of the American People as Cowards under the Trump regime complaining without taking any action to remedy the situation. 

    Do you believe Trump will win in the next presential election? 


    1. Thank you DorcasW for your comment, I also laugh when I think of 40% of Americans believe Donald Trump and his cronies. I am the type of person when someone shows me who they are the first time you see them, being it TV or in person, believe them. This is why I am so confused about how many Americans still believe in him. I am also very afraid of losing our democracy. I just think that if Hitler did it in 6 years and Trump has already changed so many of our Constitutional norms and has broken the law, what will stop him if he wins and is our president for another 4 years, lordy, lordy, it scares the heck out of me. 

      To answer your question, I feel that with all the cheating and down right criminal acts with slowing up our post offices, he could win, I know he won’t win the popular vote, but the electoral college vote is truly up for grabs, I just keep sharing what I know and what others have written and know about Trump, so that people are informed before they go vote. Thanks again and have a great day.

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