Eight Accidental Presidents

Jared Cohen
Author: Jared Cohen

Accidental Presidents: Eight Men Who Changed America. The strength and prestige of the American presidency has waxed and waned since George Washington Accidental Presidents looks at eight men who came to the office without being elected to it. It demonstrates how the character of the man in that powerful seat affects the nation and world.

The Eight Men Who Have Succeeded To The Presidency

The eight men who have succeeded to presidency, when the incumbent died in office. In one way or another they vastly changed our history. Only Theodore Roosevelt would have been elected in his own right. Only TR, Truman, Coolidge, and LBJ were re-elected.

John Tyler succeeded William Henry Harrington who died 30 days into his term. He was kicked out of his party and became the first president threatened with Impeachment. Millard Fillmore succeeded esteemed General Zachary Taylor. He immediately sacked the entire cabinet and delayed an inevitable Civil War by standing with Henry Clay’s compromise of 1850. Eight Accidental PresidentsAndrew Johnson, who succeeded our greatest president, sided with remnants of the confederacy in Reconstruction. Chester Arthur, the embodiment of the spoil’s system, was so reviled as James Garfield’s successor that he had to defend himself against plotting Garfield assassination; but he reformed the civil service. Theodore Roosevelt broke up the trusts. Calvin Coolidge silently cooled down the White House for the Republican Herbert Hoover and The Great Depression. Truman surprised everyone when he succeeded the great FDR (Franklin Delenore Roosevelt) and proved an able and accomplished president. Lyndon B Johnson was named to deliver Texas electorally. He led the nation forward on Civil Rights but failed in Vietnam.

In Conclusion For Accidental Presidents

Accidental Presidents adds immeasurable to our understanding of the power and limits of the American presidency in critical times.

This book Accidental Presidents, by Jared Cohen, is a New York Times Bestseller is rated 4.5 out of 5 Accidental Presidentsstars and comes in 5 different formats and editions;

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14 thoughts on “Eight Accidental Presidents”

  1. This article was a nice and different article on eight presidents that inherited the office and I think that it’s interesting to see what were people that were the only ones to do or inherit something. Which of these presidents are your favorite and do you think that they are positive role models?

    1. Thank you Jon for your comment, well my favorite president of the eight listed has to be Teddy Roosevelt, very original personality and interesting character in life, he did accomplish a lot in his time as president such as expanding the system for national parks and monuments.

  2. Thank you for doing a synopsis on Accidental Presidents. I have never really read any political books before. Most of the time I read personal finance and also motivational books. with current situation, I would like to see what happened in the past and will the history repeat itself or not with the impeachment. Have you read the book before? Is it an easy read?

    1. Thank you Nuttanee, I have read the book, a friend of mine had this book and gave it to me to read about 2 months ago, it is a good book as far as flow and content, it took me back to high school history classes as I recalled what and how these eight men, some good and some not so good had changed America with how they ran their presidencies.

  3. Hey, This book is very important to know more about the Presidency of the Eight man. Very knowlegable book anyone can read and know more about. The Eight Men Who Have Succeeded To The Presidency, when the incumbent died in office. I know while reading your article that Millard Fillmore succeeded esteemed General Zachary Taylor. He immediately sacked the entire cabinet and delayed an inevitable Civil War by standing with Henry Clay’s compromise of 1850. I hope it will be better to buy the book now.

    1. Thank you Harish for your comment, this book does go through what these presidents had to step into after the elected president had died while in office, it is a great read for historical value and really enlightens your view of these eight men.

  4. Well, presidency, ministers and politics are very hot and sophisticated matters. So much had changed over the years. In the conquest for having the power to manage a country as a whole. The main question is : Whether a potential candidate is chosen by the people or nominated by the political party members? How will the citizens of a country know that a potential candidate will be the right person for the job? I think it require careful consideration to select the right person. It is important to focus on the relevant attributes. The situation is that most countries are still using the usual system. Hence, things are changing especially in Asia. There are hidden agenda for big countries like China, India, Russia etc. To gain more power over smaller countries. To control natural resources and trades. 

    The voting process had became more tricky over the years. With the enaction of laws and policies in flavour of president candidates. To increase the chances of the preferred candidate to be nominated. And not the right candidate chosen by the people of a country. It is happening in my country. A president was elected based on race and ability to manage money/ businesses. And whether the candidate has good leadership and care for the country as a whole. It will be great for a president to be elected in a fair and transparent way. Once it involve internal nomination, it is already flavourism. 

    David Koh

    1. Hi David, so true, I agree with everything that you have said, it seems here in the US that money is the controlling aspect of any presidential run, big businesses are buying the elections more out right than ever, it scares me, especially with President Trump in office and how big money from his donors is regulating how he governs in my opinion. Scary times here in the US. I know that big money has always been apart of elections, but then the donors want paid back some how during their selected person, when in office. I could go on and on, but thanks again for a great comment.

  5. Hey Bobbi, I enjoy a lot while reading your article on the Eight Accidental Presidents. Accidental Presidents adds immeasurable to our understanding of the power and limits of the American presidency in critical times. It is an awesome book written on Accidental Presidents, by Jared Cohen. I am going to buy it hard cover version. Hope it will open my mind and thoughts.

    1. Thank you Parveen, I appreciate your comment and it is a great book for any history, or political buff, it will open your mind to who these presidents really were and what they dealt with through their presidencies.

  6. Hi Bobbi! This promises to be an interesting book. I know how the character of a president can shape the nation. But concerning these president’s that were not elected, the one that I most admire regarding his character is Theodore Roosevelt. I’m eager to search this title in Audiobooks. I’ll start listening to it today. Thanks for this review.

    1. Thank you Abel for your comment, I agree with you, TR, was also one of my favorite presidents and he was one of the most exciting characters in history, I agree that the audiobook is wonderful for Accidental Presidents.

  7. Interesting review/post, I never thought that the presidents can get into the office by accident! I find the post very actual especially with the Trump impeachment going on!

    I was reading the post and thinking that maybe are many books with interesting facts about american presidents and other countries presidents as well.

    Nice post.

    1. Thank you Daniela for your comment, it has never been that a president has been removed from office from an impeachment trial, but eight Vice Presidents have had to step in due to the President they served under had died, so this impeachment trial is very important, that if he were to be removed from office, Vice President Pence would take over as the sitting President.

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