In Deep By David Rohde

In Deep: The FBI, The CIA, And The Truth About America’s “Deep State,” By David Rohde-a two time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist of the “Deep State.”

David Rohde
David Rohde

Three quarters of Americans believe a group of unelected government and military officials secretly manipulate or direct national policy in the United States. President Trump blames the “deep state” for his impeachment. But what is the American “deep state” and does it really exist?

Whistle Blower #1

The leak about the first phone call between President Trump and Vladimir Putin, the government official who leaked the call seemed genuinely frightened.

Published by Reuters several weeks after Trump took office in 2017, the piece contained no bombshell disclosures about coordinating between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia. Instead, it exposed politically embarrassing details regarding how the new American president had continued himself.

During the hour-long conversation, Trump had denounced the primary nuclear arms agreement between the United States and Russia as one of many bad deals negotiated by the Obama administration. Where Putin raised the possibility of extending the treaty, known as New START, Trump paused and asked his aides what the treaty was according to Rohde’s source and an official who had spoken with one of Rohde’s colleague Jonathan Landay.

Sean Spicer
Sean Spicer

When the White House was asked for a comment, spokesman Sean Spicer said, Trump knew what the New START treaty was but had turned to his aides for an opinion. Throughout the call, Trump also ceaselessly bragged to Putin about his own popularity.

Trump’s Outrage Over Whistleblowers

Other more damaging accounts of Trump’s first calls with foreign leaders-of Mexico and Australia-had already leaked to news outlets and drawn more attention. Officials in the White House were furious about the multiple leaks involving presidential phone calls.

They vowed to launch formal criminal investigations and prosecute the perpetrators. To help protect the source, “we agreed to cut off contact with each other”: Rohde’s writes, and adds “In a final conversation, I promised that I would go to prison to protect the source’s identity. We both knew that the whistle blower was more likely to be prosecuted than me.”

Whistle Blower #2

Two and a half years later, in the fall of 2019, a whistle blower complaint filed by CIA official about a phone call between Trump and another foreign leader-the president of Ukraine-sparked an impeachment inquiry.

Rohde says that he wanted to know what his source on the Trump-Putin call thought of the whistle blower and the firestorm then unspooling. They met in a restaurant in the Washington area. The source did not mince words.

Career government officials had a duty to report waste, fraud, and misconduct by government officials, including the president.

Donald Trump Angry
Angry Trump

The whistle blower, whose identity Trump was demanding be made public, should be protected and the state of divisiveness in Washington was lamentable: “When doing your job as a policy expert means you are physically in danger, not from an international adversary, but from people in your own government, it’s confounding.”

“Deep State” In Trump’s Ill-Defined Terminology

Rohde’s writes: “To President Trump, my source, as well as the Ukraine whistle blower are part of a conspiracy by a group of unelected government officials to force a duly elected president from power. They are members of the “deep state”-all ill-defined term that Trump uses to refer to people ranging from senior FBI and CIA officials to the Pentagon, to career civil servants across the federal government.”

Those officials, Trump and his allies argue, have mounted a concerted effort to legitimize his presidency. Trump has vowed to make the “deep state” a cornerstone of his re-election effort.Deep State

What Are The Democrats Saying

Democrats say Trump is spreading conspiracy theories for political gain. They defend the civil service, which was created after the Civil War to prevent politicians from turning the federal government into a patronage mill where supporters receive jobs based on political loyalty, not merit.

No president had attacked the motives of career government officials as publicly or angrily as Trump. No President has so openly trafficked in conspiracy theories for political gain. And I hope that No president will ever do it again.

Fox News-Sean Hannity In-Step With Trump

On June 16,2017, Trump because the first American president to apply the term “deep state” to the United States government. Trump retweeted to his followers a post from Fox News host Sean Hannity promoting his program that evening. Hannity begins his show with footage of the shooting that week of three people, including Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, of a Republican practice session for congress annual charity baseball game in Alexandria, Virginia.

A left-wing outlet activist angered by Trump’s election had fired 62 rounds from a semiautomatic rifle at the Republicans. It was a miracle that no one besides the gunman was killed that day.

In 2011, Gabrielle Giffords, a Democratic Congresswoman was shot in the head by a mentally ill man, this was not taken for long as a politically motivated crime by the Democrats. However, in 2017, when Hannity in a twelve-minute monologue, condemned the investigation of Special Council, Robert Mueller and warned viewers threat the “deep state” was trying to reverse the result of the 2016 election.

Sean Hannity
Fox News-Sean Hannity

” This deep state, this fourth branch of government as we’re calling it, doesn’t care about getting the truth to you, the American people. And of course, the media-they’re the willing accomplices. Their goal is the exact opposite here,” Hannity said. He also added, “They are selectively leaking information, intelligence information that is meant to damage, in this case, the president of the United States of America” He concluded his monologue with a warning: “Hatred, was a part of the left’s DNA, and predicated more violent attacks against the president, conservatives, Republicans in this country.”

In Conclusion

This book and it’s sweeping exploration examines the CIA and FBI scandals of the past fifty years-from the church committee’s exposure of Cold War abuses, to Abscam, to false intelligence about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, to NSA mass surveillance revealed by Edward Snowden.

It also investigates the claims and counterclaims of the Trump era and the relentless spread of conspiracy theories online and on-air. While Trump says he is the victim of the “deep state”, Democrats accuse the president and his allies of running a de facto “deep state” of their own that operates outside official government channels and smears rivals, both real and perceived.

The feverish debate over the “deep state” raises core questions about the future of American democracy. Is it possible for career government officials to be politically neutral?

Was Congress impeachment of Donald Trump conducted properly? How vast should the power of a president be? Based on dozens of interviews with career CIA operatives and FBI agents, In Deep answers whether the FBI, CIA, or politicians are protecting or abusing the public’s trust.

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8 thoughts on “In Deep By David Rohde”

  1. This book sounds like a very interesting read.  American politics are so encompassing and full of so many scandals. It is like a soap opera.  At the same time, it is something that is engaging and edge of your seat good. 

    I am Canadian, but even living here, we always know what is happening over there, like it is our own country.  Donald Trump is going to continue to getting more people writing books, because he is just full of stories to tell.

    Thank you for sharing this post, and I am sure that this book will do very well, as people always want to know the real dirt.  LOL!

    1. Thank you Coralie, and I am happy that Canadians are paying attention to what really is going on in American politics and how corrupt the politics can be for WE THE PEOPLE. It has been happening for years and years, and it usually gets worked out with cooperation between the three branches of government we have here. But in the age of Trump, he has pushed every branch to the brink, and when he finally is out of office, we as a country need to evaluate and possibly amend the Constitution with oversight of the Executive Branch being high on the list. Thanks again for the comment and come back anytime.

  2. I love visiting your site as this is one of my favorite story basis- Political Intrigue.  There are so many truths that become public knowledge, after the fact. I am not in the know, so have no clue about The Deep group of powerful people referred to here in the story, In Deep by David Rohde.  It is just such an interesting theory and seems to follow fact to close to not have some basis somewhere.

    I was raised to believe that the President of our Country was a Godly man who really cared for the American Citizen. One of the greatest disappointments of my life has been to find that they can be corrupt and criminal and selfish and noncaring about us, the American Citizen.  This person I want for president is like Santa Clause, none-existant.  The idea of someone who conducts themselves as our current president does is just the one we have now who is also a disappointment.  I know that just because they can act presidential, doesn’t mean they are good presidents.  We the Ameican Citizen have had our faith in our elected official so abused, that we are no longer surprised at what they do.  That is sad and has so far not created a strong enough movement to change the requirements of our elected President. We deserve what we allow. 

    1. Thank you Sami for your comment, and I love that you keep coming back to my website, greatly appreciated. And yes, I agree with you that I was also taught to treat the President with deep admiration and that he is suppose to be above everyone else, because of all the knowledge gained by becoming president from foreign affairs to special intelligences everywhere in government conceivable, so you said it better than me, that the delusional thinking of my mother and father, back in the day, is just that delusional thinking.

      I also agree with you that the three branches of government that supposedly we have are not working, we have to wait all the way through the Supreme Court for any answers to questions we have as Americans about the Executive Branch or any of the three branches. By then, things can go bad real fast as we are seeing in these times today. Thanks again and come back anytime, and stay safe,


  3. Hello dear, wow what wonderful information you just shared with us, I practically read it to the end before knowing I’ve done so because your choice of words and writing skills are amazing, your description of each word’s you shared with us, thanks for the info, I’ll surely do some recommendations, stay safe

    1. Thank you Skuchmane for your comment, and I would greatly appreciate any recommendations that you want to offer, thanks again and you stay safe as well.


  4. Hello there, This is an amazing article that you have got here. The president Donald Trump is actually going through a lot in this season, i just pray that God see him through. He has done a lot for his people and the world, he is one of the president that has ruled having concern for the people. I would love to get the book.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for your comment, and I hope you enjoy the book, it does explain a lot of what has happened and what is happening in our world and the United States today. Here is the link in case you missed it in the article. In Deep by David Rohde.

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