John Bolton’s Testimony

John Bolton’s Testimony in The Senate and what this could mean for both sides and how this will impact the trial and why it is important for the testimony of Bolton be heard.

Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, John Bolton, is likely to be called as a witness in the intensifying trial in the senate. New poll shows that 75% of Americans want witnesses, and as we all know that with any trial, there are witnesses. Especially those witnesses with first-hand knowledge of what President Trump said and what the president wanted the Ukranian President and government to do.

The Calls Are Increasing For Bolton To Testify

John Bolton 1
John Bolton

Call are increasing for the senate to subpoena former national security adviser Bolton to testify in the impeachment trial, after a bombshell report indicating that President Trump tied Ukraine investigating the Bidens (Joe and Hunter) to the hold-up of the appropriated $391 million, in security assistance to help Ukraine fight Russian aggression. Bolton was the highest-ranking White House official to express concerns over the Ukraine pressure campaign.

One week before the infamous July 25 phone call between Trump and Zelenski that became the basis of Trump’s impeachment inquiry. Trump stopped $391 million, over the reported objections of Bolton and other officials. John Bolton referred to the administration’s, request for investigations into the Bidens and the debunked conspiracy theory that Russia didn’t hack the server but that Ukraine did, as a “drug deal,” according to testimony front former national security counsel member Fiona Hill.

After this Bolton and Trump relationship reportedly became more strained over the course of Bolton’s 17-month tenure.

New Revelations About John Bolton’s Book

John Bolton’s manuscript leaks as memoir pre-order begins on Amazon today.

To a leaked out manuscript that New York Times have gotten their information about what President Trump told Bolton last August-he wanted to keep holding the military aid to Ukraine until officials there started an investigation of Democratic candidate for president, Joseph R Biden.

“There can be no doubt now that Mr. Bolton directly contradicts the heart of the president’s defense and therefore must be called as a witness at the impeachment trial of President Trump,” the impeachment managers said in a statement today.

Mick Mulvaney
Mick Mulvaney

“It’s up to four Senate Republicans to ensure that John Bolton, Mick Mulvaney, and others with direct (first-hand) knowledge of President Trump’s actions testifying in the senate trial,” Chuck Schumer (Minority Leader in the senate) tweeted.

How Long Has The White House Known

Bolton’s lawyer submitted a book manuscript last December 30,2019, on behalf of Mr. Bolton to the National Security Counsil’s records management division for “standard pre-publication security review for classified information.”

The president said last week that he has concerns about allowing his former national security adviser to testify at his trial.

“I don’t know if we left on the best of terms. I would say probably not” President Trump said of Mr. Bolton. “You don’t like people testifying when they didn’t leave on good terms, and that was due to me, not due to him.”

The news that came out last night was also damaging to The President’s defense that he is working for us, the Americans of The United States of America, Bolton was concerned that Trump did favor for Autocratic Leaders, the book says.

Bolton cited, in his book, his own worries about the President’s conversations with the leaders of Turkey and China.

Bill Barr 2
William P Barr

John Bolton told Attorney General William P Barr last year that he had concerns that President Trump was effectively granting personal favors to the autocratic leader of Turkey and China, Barr backed up Bolton’s assertions.

Mr. Bolton’s account underscores the foot that the unease about Trump’s seeming embrace of authoritarian leaders, long expressed bu experts and his opponents, also existed among some senior cabinet officers entrusted by the president to carry out his foreign policy and national security agendas.

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6 thoughts on “John Bolton’s Testimony”

  1. It’s so interesting to see Trump denying things that he clearly did and acting as if what he’s sad or done he has no recollection of it. I still feel so betrayed by the American Government that allowed Donald Trump to become president. Why wasn’t he convicted when more then 20 women accused him of rape? How does he magically make things go away and always gets away with it? Money and power are powerful tools for the government to use against citizens and it’s tragic seeing how many people have been affected throughout all of this: 

    1. Hi Stephanie and thank you for your comment, I agree with you 100%, money buys a lot in society, but I have learned through out Trumps presidency that it truly buys peoples souls if they have ever had a soul anyway. Those Republican Senators who are allowing this man to continue his criminal behaviors in The White House are the ones I hold responsible, they are as guilty as Trump and in my eyes, guiltier because they are the only ones who can stop him.

  2. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about John Bolton’s Testimony and explanations are given.

    My dad was watching TV and I heard this news so I decided to look for more information on the internet. I’ve read many articles about it, but this is the best I’ve read. It seems to be a big bad decision made by Trump because he wanted to do that in the past.

    Thanks again and I wish you all the best.

    1. Thank you Ravvanllie for your comment, and I appreciate that you are now reading about what is going on in This Trump Administration and how criminal the republican senators are, by not at least allowing for Bolton to testify, they just don’t want America to see, but it will come out before the next election and it will hurt them worse if they vote against witnesses.

  3. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us and Through your article I found out a very nice thing that was rejected by US President Trump. The acting looks like it’s so funny that he has no memory of what he is grieving .And I still feel betrayed by the American government .When he was victimized by many women, how he put things away and how to get away with it all the time is a matter of thinking.Money and power are powerful tools for the use of government, but citizens are the biggest tool . But the government has used its money and power here as a powerful tool against its citizens .And it is a matter of seeing how many people have been harmed everywhere and it is very sad .And if the Trump administration can, anyone will want to buy human life .
    And what amazes me the most is allowing this guy in the White House to continue to commit crimes, and I think they are just as guilty as Trump, and I also think that they can stop him if he wants to.

    1. Thank you Shanta for your comment, it is a criminal empire, with all the republicans involved or at least being silent about what is happening right under their noses. We the people are stronger together and will always defeat big money crime waves, this has to stop and the republican senators need to stop him now.

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