Plaintiff In Chief

Plaintiff In Chief: A Portrait of Doanld Trump in 3,500 Lawsuits. A comprehensive analysis of Donald Trump’s legal history reveals his temperament, methods, characters, and morality.

Trump’s Political Worldview Was Molded In The Courtroom

Trump In The Peoples Court-SNL
SNL PIC of Trump In The Peoples Court

Unlike all previous presidents who held distinguished positions in government or the military prior to enter office. Donald Trump’s political worldview was molded in the courtroom. He sees law not as a system of rules to be obeyed and ethical ideas to be respected, but as a weapon to be sidestepped when it gets in his way. He was weaponized the justice system throughout his career, and he has continued to use these backhanded tactics as Plaintiff In Chief.


Trump-Serial Abuser Of The Law

Trump is portraited in this book as a serial abuser of the law, lifelong liar, purjoror, business fraudster, tax evader, racist, and serial perpetrator of sexual assault.

This book is so incriminating not only because of the author’s credentials, but also because the details are grounded in approximately 3,500 lawsuits filed by Trump, against Trump, pr, in some instances, cross-filed by the opposing parties.

Normally litigation generally includes sworn affidavits attesting to accuracy and testimony given under oath if a trial occurs. The author is able to accurately document, the unbelievable long list of Trump’s exaggerations and outright falsehoods.Trump and the law

In fact, the documentation provided by Zirin is impossible to refute, by Trump or anyone else who might not believe this book (most of them will ignore the facts anyway).

Zirin Cites Examples Of Trump’s Rule Of Law

Zirin cites examples ranging from property development, casino ownership and operation, to the size of a flag pole at Mar-A-Lago, Trump’s Florida resort, which he sought to convert into an issue about free speech.

The law for Trump, Zirin concludes, is not a system of rules to be obeyed and ethical ideas to be respected in the ordinary pursuit of justice and truth. It is a potent weapon to be used against his adversaries or a hurdle to sidestep when in his way.

Trump sees law not as a system of rules to be obeyed and ethical ideals to be respected, but as a version of a weapon to be used against the people who have wronged him in some way. He has weaponized the justice system throughout his career, and he will not stop, even now that he is president, in fact it has ramped up in the past year, exponentially.

If you are partner with Donald Trump, you will probably wind up litigating with him. If you are enrolled in his university or bought one of his apartments, chances are you were left high and dry, with nothing to show for it, and are now seeking to be reimbursed by the money he blatantly stole from you.People suing Trump

If you are are a woman and you get to close to him, you may need to watch your back. If you are try to sue him, he’s likely (and already does) defame you, especially since becoming president, and his usage of twitter.

You make a deal with him, you had better get it in writing, he has broken so many deals, by just walking away, either not paying, or by pocketing money and leaving the other investors high and dry. His scam cancer fighting campaign for children was the same thing, he took the money and ran, and when he was brought into court, he paid them off and it went away.

If you are are a lawyer, an architect, or even his dentist you had better get paid upfront. If you are venture an opinion that publicly criticize him, you may be sued for libel.

A window into the president’s dark legal history, Plaintiff In Chief is as informative as it is disturbing.

About The Author, James Zirin

A life in the law means continual variety. After briefly flirting with journalism, James Zirin served for three years as an assistant U.S. attorney in the Southern District of New York, under Robert Morgenthau, the district attorney.

James Zirin
James Zirin

Zirin, then practiced law for more than four decades in commercial and securities litigation. He has a prolific public role: on the council for Foreign Relations and other bodies; as a legal and policy commentator; as a television interview; and now as an author of three intensely researched books.

Young Donald Trump Wanted To Be Like His Father

Donald and Fred Trump
Donald and Fred Trump

By all accounts, young Donald Trump wanted to be like his father-rich and aggressive-Fred Trump (Donald’s father) lied obsessively about everything, such as Donald does now. He believed that the law didn’t apply to him or his mobster friends, such as Donald does now.

However, he was partial to suing people defensively to prevent someone from doing something he didn’t like even if it was perfectly legal and even just. Donald expanded on that by also using lawsuits to advertise his “Art of The Deal” brand. Once Donald befriended Roy Cohn (Donald’s personal lawyer when he was younger) a mob lawyer in the 1970s, whatever moral, ethical or even practical inhibition he might have been lost, and lost forever.

In Conclusion

Zirin has spent his decades long law career in New York, he had already formed an impression of Trump as a businessman who lacked respect for the Constitution and the courts.

Among other topics, the author focuses on Trump’s ties to organized crime; his business frauds related to hotels, casinos, and residential rental properties; and his phony Trump University.

In every chapter Zirin explains how Trump abuses the court system, which is funded by American taxpayers, by filing lawsuits in bad faith.

Zirin also targets Trump’s lawyers for their unethical behaviors, his overall message is achingly clear: “All this aberrant… But the implications of such conduct in a man who is the president…are nothing less than terrifying.”

A unique approach to the continuing deconstruction of the Trumpian edifice.

This book does dig deep into some individual lawsuits and how they were obtained and how Trump is fighting them in the courts, by filing his own lawsuits against the people who filed against him. This tactic works well for prolonging any outcomes, but the truth will come out, and the cases will either be dropped (paid offed by Trump Organization) or charges against one or the other who is filing lawsuits.

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