Team Of Five: By Kate Andersen Brower

Team Of Five: The Presidents Club In The Age Of Trump.

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Residence and First Women-also a New York Times bestseller-comes a poignant, news-making look at the lives of the five former presidents in the wake of their White House years, including the surprising friendships they have formed through shared perspective and empathy.

After Serving The Highest Office Of American Government

Five men-Jimmy Carter, the late George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama-became members of the world’s most exclusive fraternity. In Team Of Five, Kate Andersen Brower goes beyond the White House to uncover what, exactly, comes after the presidency, offering a glimpse into the complex relationships of these five former presidents, and how each of these men views his place in a nation that has been upended by the Oval Office’s current, norm-breaking occupant, President Trump.

About The Author Kate Andersen Brower

Kate Andersen Brower
Kate Andersen Brower

Kate Andersen Brower is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller. The Residence and First Women, also a New York Times bestselling.

Brower is an American journalist and author who has written three books about the White House, First Women: The Grace And Power Of American First Ladies, First In Line: Presidents, Vice Presidents, and the Pursuit Of Power, and now Team Of Five: The Presidents Club In The Age Of Trump. She covered the White House for Bloomberg News during President Barack Obama’s first term and before that she worked at CBS News and Fox News as a producer. She is also a CNN contributor and has written for the New York Times, Vanity Fair, The Washington Post, and The Smithsonian.

The Exclusive World: Firsthand Testimony

Testimonys an empathetic yet critical eye and firsthand testimony from the Carters, Donald Trump, and the top aides, friends, and family members of the five former presidents, Team Of Five takes us inside the exclusive world of these powerful men and their families, including the unlikely friendship between George W. Bush and Michele Obama, the last private visits Bill Clinton and Barack Obama shared with George H. W. Bush, and the Obama’s fight to Palm Springs after Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Perhaps most timely, this insightful, illuminating book overflows with anecdotes about how the ex-presidents are working to combat President Trump’s attempts to undo the achievements and hard work accomplished during their own terms.

In Conclusion

Perhaps most poignant, Team Of Five sheds light on the inherent loneliness and inevitable feelings of powerlessness and frustration that come with no longer being the most important person in the world, but a leader with only symbolic power. There are ways, though, that these men, and their wives, have become powerful political and cultural forces in American life, even as so-called “formers.”

However in the age of Trump, these traditions that have been going on since George Washington started the Presidents Club, have been greatly threatened by Trump’s truly unprecedented attacks on the Obama administration and Obama personally, as well as the Clinton’s. His rhetoric has been so un-presidential and so cruel to former presidents that it goes way beyond politics and is just cruel.

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4 thoughts on “Team Of Five: By Kate Andersen Brower”

  1. As someone who is apolitical, I have to say that this book looks extremely interesting,particularly when considering the many opinions of many regarding donald trump. It amazes me how in the history of politics, I dont think there has been anyone who brings a lot of controversy relating to his policies 

    1. Hi Jazzy and thanks for your comment, I agree there has never in my life been such a controversial and proven liar, over 18,000 confirmed fact checks on his mis-truths and out-right lies. So I get the controversary part because of that, but some of his policies are good, but since this pandemic, he has proven to be an incompetent leader for the people. He is so self absorbed that he really thinks about nothing else but re-election. Enough about him, but this book does do some comparisons that you will be shocked at, especially with how some of the five became friends, partisanship politics put on the back burner. Great book, check it out. Thanks again for your comment.

  2. Hello there,  thank you for sharing some sneek peek on the book team of five by Anderson Brower,  I really have heard so much about the author and her books however I haven’t read any,  just yesterday I was discussing with a friend on some new books to get when she mentioned team of five so I decide to do a research on it to really see if it’s worth purchasing and from this review I’m really in anticipation to see what this book holds.

    1. That’s great Jomata and thank you for the comment, and I hope you enjoy this book from a really good author.

      Stay safe and come back anytime and feel free to share my website with your friend. I have some wonderful political books and reviews on my website. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy this book.

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