The Roaring 20s: Dramatic Social And Political Change

The Book: The Roaring Twenties: A Captivating Guide To A Period Of Dramatic, Social And Political Change, A False Sense Of Property, And Its Impact On The Graet Depression.Book 1920s

The Captivating History Of The Roaring Twenties

Presidents of the 1920s
Hardin, Coolidge and Hoover

Few decades captivate the imagination like the 1920s. Like so many good stories, it got its start from a time of great turmoil and ended in a dramatic fashion. What happened between 1920 and 1929 has passed beyond history and has become legend.

The lessons of the 1920s are still relevant today, many of the debates and issues of the era are still part of the national conversation. Economic policies, consumer behaviors and mass culture of the 1920s are reflected in our culture 100 years later.

By understanding the past, we can better prepare for the future and this new captivating history book is all about giving you that knowledge.

This Book: Roaring Twenties

This book includes

  • World War I and The 1920s
  • Fear of The Other
  • Old Causes Finishing Businessworld war I
  • The Cost Of Prohibition
  • A New World
  • African-Americans
  • Politics and Policies
  • How Did It All End?
  • And Much, Much More

The Events That Made The 1920s

The events that made the 1920s was the great conflict in the previous decade. World War I. American military involvement was only for a year. However, from the beginning of the war in 1914, American eyes were on Europe.

The mass destruction from the fighting, the changes wrought by the shift in the American economy, and the very flawed peace that followed the war all made a profound impact on the decade that followed. Soldiers came back from the war sometimes disturbed, sometimes broken, and almost always disillusioned. The nation experienced a great movement of people from country to city causing changes in the make-up of cities that would not be recognizable to residents from an earlier era.

President Looking For A Return To Normalcy

As the president looked for a “return to normalcy,” the cultural and social landscape did not make any such return journey. Social causes of the early twentieth century were either disregarded or completely rejected. Other social movements took over and revealed a more conservative and isolationist country than the one that had gone to war in 1917.

Roaring TwentiesThe effect of the war and the decade on American literature was profound. A modern form of music, uniquely American which some consider the only true American art form, became the soundtrack of the decade. Two new forms of entertainment also altered the decade as well; motion pictures and radio moved from fringe innovations to common entertainments. Some older entertainments, especially baseball, embraced the change of the new decade. After a crippling scandal had rocked the sport in 1919, a new player Babe Ruth, inspired a new style of baseball which made him a national phenomenon.

The Economy Boomed

Like Babe Ruth and his towering home runs, the economy of the 1920s boomed and people had more money to spend, they brought more into their homes than just radios. The availability of home appliances, coupled with more money and more credit, led people to buy more. The item that radically changed the United States, however, was the automobile.

Model THenry Ford took what had been an extravagance for the rich and made it affordable to the masses. With the advent of the Model T, Americans moved further and faster than ever before. In addition, the entire auto industry created or sustained industries that had been small or nonexistent before. By the end of the decade, millions of Americans were in cars.

All Is Not As It Appears

The FarmersBut all was not as it appeared. Certain important segments of the economy, thus the population, were being left behind. Though the boom in manufacturing brought on by the automobile and consumer goods helped many Americans, the decade saw a dramatic decline in farming. As more people than ever before embraced buying on credit, this included speculating on stocks with credit as well. This along with other causes woven into the fabric of the decade, led to the eventual crash that closed the 1920s.

In Conclusion

The lessons of the 1920s are still relevant today. Many of the debates and issues of the era are still part of the national conversation. Economic policies, consumer behaviors and mass culture of the 1920s are reflected in our culture 100 years later. By understanding the past, we can better prepare for the future.

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8 thoughts on “The Roaring 20s: Dramatic Social And Political Change”

  1. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. the importance of history can not be over emphasized on and the lessons that were learnt and are still to be learnt from the events of this times are so much. thank for this great review

    1. Thank you Benny for your comment, I feel the same way, if we do not know our history and the mistakes and accomplishments that we made, then how can we learn from them. Thanks again for your comment, and come back anytime.

  2. It certainly is interesting that so much happened in history between 1920 and 1930 and this being between the two world wars that so much change took place. It must be great to be able to step back in time and see some of the sights and things that happened.

    One of the important things that did happen is that cars became affordable for the everyday person, and it must have been such a joy to own one of the first cars on the road. I wonder what the traffic was like in the beginning as I am sure there were no road rules?

    1. Thank you Michel for your comment, I have always wanted to go back in time and live in certain decades, however, I am not sure about this decade, the boom was great, but the depression was beyond apparel. I understand that driving in the first part of the Model T era was quite dangerous with no stop lights, signs, etc. With pedestrians walking and cars speeding by, probably quite dangerous I would imagine.

  3. I found your website while googling for history books, what a nice way of getting to know all these books! Usually, I prefer to read historical novels though, will you make reviews on those as well in the future? I will surely be back to read some more and get tips on good books !

  4. Hi Bobbi! Historical characters such as Babe Ruth, Henry Ford among others, each one in its parcel of ground gave shape to a dramatic and long lasting influential decade. It has always surprised me how the decade ended, with so much increase in wealth despite it’s difficult beginning. It would be interesting to read how the author approaches all these facts. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Thank you Abel for your comment, I believe from what I have gathered through research, most of it was from the historical and political archives, some from FOIA. He also met with family members and people who survived those treacherous times, from what I understand.

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