The Book: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The Book: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, My Own Words.

My Own Words “showcases Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s astonishing intellectual range”. In this book, Justice Ginsburg discusses gender equality. The workings of the Supreme Court, being Jewish, law and lawyers and opera. The value of looking beyond U.S. shores when interpreting the U.S. Constitution.1993 Sworn In

Throughout her life Justice Ginsburg has been a prolific writer and public speaker. This book’s sampling is selected by Justice Ginsburg and her authorized biographers, Mary Hartnett and Wendy W. Williams, who introduce each chapter and provide biographical context and quotes gleaned from hundreds of interviews they have conducted.

How The Book Came About

Ruth Bader Ginsburg writes:

“May I tell You, good readers, how this book came to be. In the summer of 2003, Wendy Williams and Mary Hartnett visited me in chamber. They had a proposal, ‘people will write about you, like it or not. We suggest that you name as your official biographers, authors you trust. The two of us volunteer for that assignment”.

“Wendy and I were in the same line of business in the 1970s. We were engaged in moving the law in a direction of recognizing women’s equal-citizenship stature. Wendy was a founder of the San Francisco-based Equal Rights Advocates”

Supreme CourtRuth goes on to add about her two friends and biographers for her book: “I was on the opposite coast as co-founder of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Women’s Rights Project. We understood and aided each other’s public education, legislative, and litigation efforts”.

She Adds:

“Wendy and I remained in close touch when she joined the faculty of Georgetown University Law Center. Mary was an adjunct professor at the Law Center and director of the Center’s Women’s Law and Public Policy Fellowship Program. Well traveled, wise, and what the French call ‘sympathique’, Mary seemed to me a fit partner for Wendy in the biographical venture. Without hesitation, I said yes to the proposal”.

About The Justice: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. She was nominated by President Bill Clinton on June 14,1993, and had served since August 10,1993,. Ginsburg became the second of four female justices to be confirmed to the Court after Sandra Day O’Connor, the two others being Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, both of whom are still serving in 2020.

RBG'S Family
Martin, Ruth, James and Jane Ginsburg

Following O’Connor’s retirement in 2006 and until Sotomayor joined the Court in 2009, Ginsburg was the only female justice on the Supreme Court. During that time, Ginsburg became more forceful with her dissents, which were noted by legal observers and in popular culture. She is generally viewed as belonging to the liberal wing of the Court. Ginsburg has authored notable majority opinions, including, United States v. Virginia (Virginia Military School To Allow Women To Attend, And Ruth Won), Olmstead v. L.C., and Friends Of The Earth, Inc. v, Laidlaw Environmental Services, Inc.

Born: March 15, 1933,

Died: September 18, 2020 (87 y.o.)

Height: 5 feet, 1 inch

Spouse: Martin D. Ginsburg (1954-2010)

Written Works: My Own Words (2016), Civil Procedure in Sweden-Text, Cases, and Materials on Sex-Based Discrimination.

Children: James Steven Ginsburg (son), Jane C. Ginsburg (daughter).

Education: Cornell University-Harvard University-Columbia University

Ruth’s Advice To All

Ruth was asked often, do you have some good advice you might share with us?

Her Answers Are: “Yes, I do. It comes from my savvy mother-in-law, advice she gave me on my wedding day. ‘In every good marriage’ she counseled, ‘it sometimes helps to be a little deaf. Ruth goes on to say: “I have followed that advice assiduously, at not only at home through fifty-six years of a marital partnership nonpareil. I have employed it as well in every workplace, including the Supreme Court of the United States. When a thoughtless or unkind word is spoken, best tune out. Reacting in anger or annoyance will not advance one’s ability to persuade”.

The Supreme Spouse: Martin (Matty) D. Ginsburg

Ruth writes some about her spouse of fifty-six years:

“I have had more than a little bit of luck in life, but nothing equals in magnitude my marriage to Martin D. Ginsburg. I do not have words adequate to describe my supersmart, exuberant, ever-loving spouse”.

Martin has two selections chosen in this book, where he speaks for himself-it is a must read.


Ruth adds:

Ruth and Matty“Early on in our marriage, it became clear to him (Matty) that cooking was not my strong suit. To the everlasting appreciation of our food-loving children. Matty made the kitchen his domain and became CHIEF SUPREME in our home, on loan to friends, even at the Court”.

Ruth goes on to say that without Matty as her loving-husband, she would not of gained a seat on the United States Supreme Court. It has said by Ron Klain: “I would say definitely and for the record, though Ruth Bader Ginsburg should have been picked for the Supreme Court anyway, she would not have been picked for the Supreme Court if her husband had not done everything he did to make it happen”.

Everything that her husband did was gain the unqualified support of her home state senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and enlisting the aid of many members of the legal academy and practicing bar familiar with the work she had done.

In Conclusion

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s My Own Words: The New York Times bestselling book from Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is a comprehensive look inside her brilliantly analytical, entertainingly wry mind, revealing the fascinating life of one of our generation’s most influential voices in both law and public opinion.Super Diva

Her call to “fame” with younger voters, was so fascinating and so well-received by her written and spoken words. She became known as Notorious RBG. In reference to the late rapper Notorious B.I.G.

This book is witty, engaging, serious, and playful, My Own Words is a fascinating glimpse into the life of one of America’s most influential women and a tonic to the current national discourse.

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My Own WordsIf you would like to purchase this eBook, please do HERE: My Own Words

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8 thoughts on “The Book: Ruth Bader Ginsburg”

  1. These days the name Ruth Bader Ginsburg has become synonymous with justice and how the law can be fair and impartial. She is a revolutionary who in my opinion has inspired generations of lawyers and defendants and judges. Nevertheless, without a doubt it will be a pleasure reading her book and delving into the mind of an icon. 

    1. Thank you very much for your comment, I agree with you whole heartedly and she did change the way the Supreme Court seen the constitution, as it should be, and she made the sometimes all men (besides her) Supreme Court look at such things as equality for all, without prejudice. I will miss you RBG. Thanks again and have a great day.

  2. Ah, seems like Ruth is a really brilliant mind and her book reflects much of this. I like her very much and I think her work is good too. The fact that she was in the justice system is something that I look forward to to see in her book. The story of how the book came about is also another thing to fuel my anticipation to read it.

    1. Thank you Suz for your comment, she is a hero to me and millions out there with her dissertations and rulings to help women’s rights, equality for both men and women in the work place, either gay or straight, it didn’t matter to her, she was just a person (Supreme Court Justice) who treated all with respect, exactly as the constitution says, she always followed the constitution and that was the toll that guided all her decisions. I will miss her, RIP, RBG

  3. Hello Bobbi, the world has indeed gone through a really great number if phase and we all have to go a long with it and while we do that z we should be aware that change is the only constant thing. I have read a few things about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and I’m actually proud of her personality and hope to keep seeing such great acts

    1. Thank you Justin for your comment, I agree with you that I hope someone stands up and learns from what Ruth Bader Ginsburg has brought to the Supreme Court as well as her dissertations on other rulings, fare and constitutional is the rule of law that she followed, for both men and women throughout the United States. Thanks again and have a great day. We will all miss RBG.

  4. Ironically when I came upon your article I had just purchased this book. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg will truely be missed. Her life and her rulings as a Supreme Court Justice will be forever in our history books.She did more for equality than anyone in history that I know. As a women I couldnt be prouder.

    1. Exactly, I feel the same way. I want to thank you for your comment, and I am so glad that you got the book in My Own Words. It is a book that she dictated, and it truly is in her own words, unlike others out there that are written by reporters, friends, etc. Thanks again and have a great day. RBG will be missed.

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