The Making Of Donald Trump By David Cay Johnston

The Making Of Donald Trump By David Johnston, is a New York Times Bestseller that connects the dots from Donald Trump’s racist background to the Russian scandals.

David Clay Johnston
David Clay Johnston

Review of the making of donald trumpThe International Bestseller that brought Trump’s history of racism, mafia ties, and shady business dealings into the limelight.

The Weaknesses, And Vulnerability Of Others

Trump preyed on the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of others, as you will read in the pages in this book. And he spent vasts amount of time currying with journalists, mostly these who never let facts get in to the way of a good story. Only a few journalists checked and cross-checked his claims and didn’t buy Trump’s nonsense. Faced with skeptical scrutiny Trump turned to menacing phone calls and visits to editors, sometimes with lawyers threatening lawsuits (and in one case filing one) to suppress inconvenient facts he cannot make go away.

Trump’s Billions?

1990s Trump
Trump In The 1990s
1990s Trump
Trump Looking Like Nixon

In nearly 30 years since Johnston has followed Trump intensely; he paid close attention to his business dealings and “I’ve interviewed him multiple times”. In 1990, Johnston broke the story that instead of being worth billions, as he’d claimed, Trump actually had a negative net worth and escaped a chaotic collapse into personal bankruptcy only when the government took his side over the bank.

Trump Presidency Talk

Trump had been talking about the presidency since 1985. In 1988, he proposed himself as the running mate of the first George Bush, a job that went to Senator Dan Quayle. In July of the same year, arriving Atlantic City on his yacht, the Trump Princess where cheering crowds greeted him. A phalanx of teenage girls, jumping up and down, squealed with delight as if they had just seen their favorite rock star. As Trump and his then wife, Ivana, took an escalator up into Trump’s Castle Casino, a crowd cheered him on. One man should, “Be Our President, Donald”!

Trump’s Run For President-Make A Profit

Trump 200Trump briefly ran in 2000 for the nomination of the Reform Party, a fringe group with members in the tens of thousands (as opposed to the millions who call themselves Democrats or Republicans). It was during that brief campaign that Trump declared he would become the first person to run for president and make a profit. He said he had a million-dollar deal to give ten speeches at motivated speaking events hosted by Tony Robbins. He coordinated his campaign appearances around them so the campaign would play for the use of his Boeing 727 jet. It was classic Trump, seeing profit in everything, even politics. Few people knew about it.

Trump’s 2016 Campaign-Financially Profiting For Trump

For the 2016 run, a large share of Trump’s campaign money was spent paying himself for the use of his Boeing 757 as well, in addition to his smaller jet, his helicopter, his Trump Tower Office Space, and other services supplied by Trump businesses. This anti-corruption law was designed to prevent vendors from under pricing services to win political favors-a legacy of a time when no one imagined that a man of Trump’s presumed immense wealth would buy campaign services from himself. In 2016, the law perversely ensured that Trump made a profit from his campaign for the goods and services he bought from the Trump Organization.

But in 2016, things were different than in 2012, when he said he had to drop out, he states, “As much as the country needs me in the White House, his T.V. show-The Apprentice (which was in trouble of being canceled by the network)-needed him more.

Debate Stage 2015
Republican Debate Stage 2015

As soon as Trump announced in 2015. Senator Marco Rubio brought up a question about Trump University and Senator Ted Cruz posed about Trump’s dealings with the Genovese and Gambino crime families, matters explored in this book further. But no journalist ever asked any of the questions that Johnston had written about, 22 in all about Trump’s dirty business dealings, and some personal as well.

I think it makes us wonder what might have happened had journalists (or even some of the sixteen candidates, vying with Trump for the Republican Nomination) started asking the questions months earlier.

Trump Has Not Changed At All-In Fact Getting Worse

While candidate Trump repeatedly accused his opponent of being lazy, it was Trump who had disappeared for days at a time and worked short hours on the campaign trail. This is true today, almost every other weekend in the last few months, through-out the winter anyway, he and his crew of many goes hang out at his Golf Course, Hotel at Mar-A-Lago, of course the U. S Tax payers foot the bill for all of this. With extremely high rate rooms, from $400-$650 a night for a room and the secret service pays 1,700 for a condo on the grounds, for any given weekend. He also as President has been stunningly slow to fill positions for which he either fired someone or they resigned from their appointment under his administration, leaving gaps in every part of the administration.

Golf at Mar-A-Largo
Trump Golfing? At Mar-A-Largo

Trump told voters he would not play golf while in office, like Obama did, and that he would not leave the White House. Since taking office he has spent weekend after weekend dining and golfing at Mar-A-Lago and his New Jersey Golf Course, where he would go in the summer months. In my opinion, golf is either a release or get away from the stress of being President or he just don’t care, especially since he is making money every time he goes to one of his properties. Just Wrong, my opinion.

On the campaign trail, he rejected calls to disavow the endorsement of the crusade, The KuKluxKlan’s newspaper (Trump claimed during a national television interview just days before the general elections that he didn’t know who or what KKK was), then unsurprisingly, was shy to denounce while supremacist violence after an alt-right march turned deadly in Charlottesville, Virginia in August 2017.

In Conclusion

Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist David Cay Johnston, who had spent thirty years chronicling Donald Trump for the New York Times and other leading newspapers, takes readers from the origins of the Trump’s family fortune-his grand father’s Yukon bordellos during the Gold Rush-to his tumultuous gambling and real estate dealings in New York and Atlantic City, all the way to his election as president of the United States, giving us a deeply researched and shockingly full picture of one of the most controversial figures of our time.

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6 thoughts on “The Making Of Donald Trump By David Cay Johnston”

  1. It goes without a doubt that Trump is not a good representation of the wonderful country that USA is. Hopefully with the passage of time, he will change and align himself with the other great US presidents or be defeated in the next general elections. In the end, America is a beautiful country and so are its people. No one can take that away ever.


    1. Thank you for your comment, and so wonderfully said, I agree we hopefully will go on without our constitution being totally dismantled, by Trump’s Presidency. Have a great day.

  2. Controversial is just the word to describe the present number one citizen of the world’s greatest nation. I may defer a little bit from your perspective, while all the odds surround Trump, but I still have a lot of respect for his I can do it mindset.
    First presidential candidate to think of making profit from campaign might make me see him like a greed but much more I see the great business innovation and drive to make a difference

    1. Thank you for your comment Parameter, we will have to agree to disagree on this one. I don’t think that the President should be making money off of his businesses, like Mar-A-Largo or Trump Towers, or the Golf Course in New Jersey, this is called violating the law, and Trump and his family need to show taxes that relate to these facts. Thanks again for your comment, have a great day.

  3. This looks like an interesting read. While I probably wouldn’t agree with every opinion stated in the book, I know that President Trump is by no means a saint. Also, while I don’t agree with the way he handles certain situations and his overall demeanor, there are many things he has done as president that I feel have benefit to the country. Thanks for highlighting the book as I don’t know much about where Mr. Trump comes from and how he got to where he is today.

    1. Thank you Steve for your comment, Donald Trump’s life has been a pre-determing fact of how he would run the country, the economy is doing good, but when that goes south and it will if he keeps up with his negative and criminal ways, and caters to the billionaire elites, things will collapse. It does scare me now days of how he is dealing with the corona virus, not smart and way behind the eight ball. Even though this book was written in 2017, he is still doing the same things, and he is getting worse especially with tax payer dollars and how it goes right into his pockets through his numerous businesses. That disturbs me the most.

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