The Man Who Sold America, By Joy Reid

The Man Who Sold America, By Joy Reid: Trump And The Unraveling Of American Story.The Man Who Sold America

The New York Times Bestseller.

MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid calculates the true price of the Trump presidency and charts the road to Congress’s impeachment investigation.

Trump’s “Longest Con” In U.S. History

Don The ConIs Donald Trump running the “longest con” in U.S. history? How did we get here? What will be left of America when he leaves office?

Candidate Trump sold Americans a vision that was seemingly at odds with their country’s founding principles. Now in office, he’s put up a “for sale” sign-on the prestige of the presidency, on America’s global stature, and on our national identity. At what cost has these deals come? Joy Ann Reid’s essential new book, The Man Who Sold America, delivers an urgent accounting for our national crisis from one of our foremost political commentators.

Three years ago, Donald Trump pitched millions of voters on the idea that their country was broken, and that the rest of the world was playing us “for suckers”. All we needed to fix this was Donald Trump, who re-branded prejudice as patriotism, presented diversity as our weakness and promised that money really could make the world go ’round.

Joy Ann Reid
Joy Ann Reid

Trump made the sale to enough Americans in three swing states to win the Electoral College. As president, Trump’s raft of self-dealing, scandal, and corruption has overwhelmed the national conversation. And with prosecutors bearing down on Trump and his family business, the web of criminality is circling closer to the Oval Office. All this while Trump seemingly makes his administration a pawn for the ultimate villain: an autocratic former KGB officer in Russia who found in the untutored and eager forty-fifth president the perfect “apprentice.”

Hidden Impact Of Trump, Beyond The Headlines

What is the hidden impact of Trump, beyond the headlines? Through interviews with American and international thought leaders and in-depth analysis, Reid situates the Trump era within the context of modern history, examining the profound social changes that led us to this point.

In Conclusion

Providing new context and depth to our understanding, The Man Who Sold America reveals the cause and consequences of the Trump presidency and contends with the future that awaits us.

“The host of AM Joy on MSNBC argues that President Trump’s administration is characterized by grift and venality that demeans the office and diminishes America.”–New York Times Book Review.

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2 thoughts on “The Man Who Sold America, By Joy Reid”

  1. I am morbidly fascinated by the Trump presidency and the sycophants who follow him. I call them invertebrates.

    As an Independent, I have no interest in bipartisanship, but a huge interest in the future of my nation.

    These are troubling times and I look forward to your presentations. One of my favorite things to do is to compare the Nixon years with those of Trump.

    Best of luck on your venture……Richard

    1. Thank you Richard for your comment, and I agree with you that at first that is exactly what I compared the Trump presidency to (Richard Nixon) but in my opinion he has surpassed Nixon by leaps and bounds with just the things we do know about Trump. Trump has no conscience, empathy, sympathy, NO HEART, but the worst thing is the relationship between Barr and Trump, that is the scariest to me, once the rule of law has been compromised in such a matter as these two men and their cronies have done, it is very hard to think that they are not trying to run a fascist government. Anyway I could go on all day, but thanks again for your comment, and have a great day Richard, by the way, I am also an independent.

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