The Plot To Betray America: By Malcolm Nance

Republican PartyThe Plot To Betray America, How Team Trump Embraced Our Enemies, Compromised Our Security, And How We Can Fix It.

New York Times bestseller-an explosive, regulatory assessment of the greatest betrayal in American History.

William Barr-Paul Manafort-Michael Cohen-Steven Bannon- Rudy Giuliani-Mitch McConnell-Roger Stone-George Papadopoulos-Jeff Sessions-And More!

Robert Mueller
Robert Mueller

When former FBI Director Robert Mueller was assigned to the special counsel investigation looking into the possibility of Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Election, many Americans felt relieved. But when the report was delivered in April 2019 it was clear that the case was far from closed-and pinning Trump down on conspiracy charges was going to be a lot more difficult than it had first seemed.

Malcolm Nance-New York Times Bestselling Author

In The Plot To Betray America, Malcolm Nance, New York Times bestselling author and renowned intelligence expert, reveals exactly how Trump and his inner circle conspired, coordinated, communicated, and eventually strategies to commit the greatest act of treachery in the history of The United States: Compromising the presidential oath of office in exchange for power and personal enrichment.

Vladimir Putin Dangles Promises Of Riches

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

Seduced by the promises of riches dangled in front of them by Vladimir Putin, the Trump administration eagerly decided to reap the rewards of the plan to put a Kremlin-friendly crony in The Oval Office, and instead of the interfering, The Republican Party’s faithful William Barr, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, Rudy Giuliani, Mitch McConnell, George Papadopoulos, and Jeff Sessions among others did everything they could to facilitate Trump’s damage to national security to fill hid own pockets. Through in-depth research and interviews with intelligence experts and insiders, Nance charts Trump’s deep financial ties to Russia including those of Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner and the corrupt behavior of his other double-crossing pro-Moscow associates.

Only by entangling the spider web of personal and financial relationships linking the White House to the Kremlin can we start to free ourselves from the constricting clutches of our foreign adversaries and work to rebuild our fractured nation.

About The Author, Malcolm Nance

Malcolm Nance is an American Author and media commentator on terrorism, intelligence, insurgency and torture. He is a former United States Navy chief petty officer specializing in naval cryptology.

He frequently discusses the history, personalities, and organization of jihadi radicalization and al-Quada and the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL); Southwest Asian and African terror groups; as well as counterinsurgency and asymmetric warfare. Schooled in Arabic, he is active in the field of national security policy particularly in anti-and counter terrorism intelligence, terrorist strategy and tactics, torture and counter-ideology in combating Islamic extremism.

Malcolm Nance
Malcolm Nance

In 2014, he founded and became the executive director of the Terror Asymmetrics Project on Strategy, Tactics and Radical Ideologies (TAPSTRI), a Hudson, New York-based think tank.

Malcolm Nance, like I have told you he is one of the world’s renowned intelligence experts and a popular guest on NBC News and MSNBC, With over 33 years combating radical extremist terrorism, Nance is known for championing human rights, ethical responsibility and cultural awareness in intelligence practices.

In this new book, Nance argues that President Trump and his team have conspired to commit the greatest act of treason in the history of The United States: betrayal of the oath of office for personal gain.

The Plot To Betray America, contains in-depth interviews with the insiders, analysis from intelligence experts, and substantial evidence of Trump’s deep financial ties to Russia. It also provides solutions on how to protect America’s compromised security.

Comments About The Author Of The Plot To Betray America

1) DAV A- So much important wisdom and information for all Americans to learn from. It’s so nice to read a patriot, unfortunately NOT something you hear from anyone in the Republican Party these days.

2) A. Bodhi Chenevey- Thank you, Mr. Nance, for your service, your positive enthusiasm and support for the United States, and you’re continuing pursuit of the facts and subsequent truths.

Malcolm Nance-Military
Malcolm Nance

3) TS- Yes sir! The Russian attack is pissing me off and “offensive” is the least of my emotions with these people that are destroying our democracy!!

4) John Acker- I love you and appreciate your dedication to unveiling the dangerous world in which we live, and you’re calling upon us to take responsibility to confront these dangers. Those of us who have taken the oath know well that responsibility, while others must come to learn that democracy is fragile and requires our commitment to preserve it.

5) Mickey- When will people recognize that we condone corruptness when we exercise the systems, that feed the corrupt? We as a Nation must hold our representatives up to a higher standard. This higher standard, represents goals that only a proper education can achieve. It’s important for our representative to recognize Americans are searching for politicians who will aspire to be great.

Kirkus Review

In Nances’ predecessor volume, The Plot To Destroy Democracy: How Putin’s spies are winning control of America and dismantling the west, Nance gave Donald Trump some benefit of the doubt with the thought that perhaps he’d unwittingly fallen into being “too stupid to suss it out.” In this book that begins with Trump’s plea during 2016 campaign for Russia, “if you’re listening… to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” Trump’s open act of soliciting the aid of a foreign and rival government was an act of treason-and a knowing one as well.

The Pairing Is Natural By Author’s Account

Since Russia harbored the same hatred for non-hetrosexuals and non-white that the Republican Party so openly manifests. He shows how the Russian campaign to infiltrate the Trump campaign, was staged and was so willingly accepted, with key agents taking roles in the Miss Universe contest, swaying the National Rifle Association, and conning Donald Trump Jr., “an avid shooter of defenseless animals.” Moreover, he shows that Trump had opened the door for all of this collusion decades earlier, when he signaled that only he could make the decision necessary to fix the world’s problems, taking out a full-page New York Times ad in 1987 to condemn NATO and demand that the U.S. “stop paying to defend countries that can afford to defend themselves,” exactly in keeping with the Russian line.

Bill Barr 2
William Barr

Trump emerges as treasonous, to be sure, as do others in his administration, notably Attorney General William Barr-as we now are going through the Impeachment Vote to convict or acquit is looming, because of Donald Trump’s actions involving Ukraine and how he withheld aid from Ukraine until they announced investigations into the Bidens, and also for obstruction of Congress, which he did in his effort to cover his impeachable deeds up.

In Conclusion

In conclusion of this geopolitical page turner. The Plot To Betray America, ultimately sketches the tracks and blueprint of the Trump Administration’s conspiracy against our country and how we can still fight to defend democracy, protect our national security, and save the Constitution.

Malcolm Nance has brought forth a wonderfully educational book for all to read, especially before we here in America go to the voting booths come this November, remember that the more we are informed about our government, and the people that speak for us, the more informed our votes will be, whatever way we vote is the most important thing we can do to voice our concerns and to protect these United States of America.The Plot To Betray America

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8 thoughts on “The Plot To Betray America: By Malcolm Nance”

  1. The search for the truth continues and apparently, this is another account of of something most people already suspected. Thankfully, this account is coming from someone with a keen interest in the wellbeing and security of the American people. I think Mr. Nance goes all out on this one. Thanks 

    1. Thanks Rhain for your comment, and I agree with you 100%, he did go all out and it was a great education to read this book and his knowledge of what is really going on with Putin and Trump.

  2. Hey, I learn lots of new things while reading your article on The Plot To Betray America: By Malcolm Nance. While reading your article I know that Plot To Betray America, ultimately sketches the tracks and blueprint of the Trump Administration’s conspiracy against our country and how we can still fight to defend democracy, protect our national security, and save the Constitution.

    1. Thank you Harish for your comment, we have to realize that this plot started with Putin way back in 1987 and it has now come to fruition in the fact that Putin got his man in The White House, now it is a matter of time to see how far he will take Trump down this path to conquer the West, or at least have a strong hold on it, which it seems right now that Russia does. They use to be our enemies in foreign policy and now Trump has bellied up to the bar with him and that is scary.

  3. That looks like a great read and an eye-opener to many, providing their eyes want to be opened. Malcolm Nance is brave to publish under his name. The timing is indeed excellent, close to elections, and during Trump’s impeachment. When will we know the verdict? That could take a while, couldn’t it?

    It is just incomprehensible to me how a president can remain in power for so long even if there is so much knowledge about his treasonous acts, and even proof. This book probably became a bestseller in no time, and I truly hope that it will help educate everyone, in orer to place a better vote in November. Everyone will be looking forward (and hoping for) a better result than 4 years ago.

    1. Thank you Christine for your comment, and I agree with you that people have got to want to hear the truth, instead of lies and corruption from the Trump Administration. It baffles the mind, how some are blind, deaf, and dumb by choice, not by birth or accident or disease, but by choice.

  4. I enjoy a lot while reading your article on The Plot to Betray America and it is very useful for everyone. While reading I know that Malcolm Nance is an American Author and media commentator on terrorism, intelligence, insurgency and torture. He is a former United States Navy chief petty officer specializing in naval cryptology. Knowledge shared by the author Malcolm Nance is awesome for everyone.

    1. Thank you Parveen for your comment, great book to have because of the knowledge you will gain before the upcoming elections in November.

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