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Trump Is A ConmanThe Mueller Report-By Rosalind S. Helderman and Matt Zapotosky of the Washington Post. What is the Mueller Report-this book will go into the truth, not the false-hoods claimed by Attorney General William Barr, before the full report came out.

The Special Counsel-Robert Mueller’s Investigation

The special counsel investigation that threatened Donald Trump’s presidency was born of the commander-in-chief’s rage.

Robert Mueller
Robert Mueller

In Trump’s first months in office, he had seethed over FBI director James B. Comey’s refusal to tell the world that the president was not being scrutinized personally as part of the bureau’s investigation of whether the Trump campaign had coordinated with Russia to interfere with the 2016 presidential race.

On May 9,2017, Trump snapped. In a share break from Washington norms that afford FBI directors ten-year terms to give the bureau independence from politics, the president unceremoniously fired Comey. He conveyed the news in a terse letter, hand-delivered to FBI headquarters by his former personal bodyguard. Trump’s closest aides had warned him that the move could trigger a political uproar and lead to an expansion of The Russia inquiry-and it did.

Lawmakers And Capitalm Hill, Cried Foul

The FBI, already deep into its investigation of election interference, now feared that the most powerful man in the country was trying to obstruct its work. And Rod J. Rosenstein, the No. 2 official at the Justice Department, who had written a memo supporting Comey’s dismissal, was incensed about the way the White House was pinning nearly all responsibility for the firing on him. He briefly considered resigning. Instead, Rosenstein turned to Robert Mueller III.

The deputy attorney general announced on May 17,2017, that he had appointed the then-seventy-two-year-old Vietnam veteran and former FBI director to lead an independent investigation of interference in the 2016 election and other matters that might stem from the inquiry.

It was a broad mandate.

James Comey
James Comey

Over the next twenty-two months, Mueller, who had led the FBI through the attack of September 11,2001, and embodied the bureau’s straight-arrow traditions, quietly and methodically investigated Trump and nearly everyone in his orbit, trying to determine whether any had conspired with the Kremlin to tilt the election, and whether the president himself had tried to obstruct justice.

The investigation culminated on March 22, 2019, when Mueller formally concluded his work and submitted a final report to Attorney General William Barr.

Why Did Barr Release Early Statement

William Barr held a press conference on April 18, less than two hours before the two-volume Mueller findings-Report on the Investigation Into Russian Interference, in the 2016 Presidential Election-would be turned over to Congress. The Attorney General noted repeatedly there was no “collusion”-a word Trump had popularized as he attacked the investigation-and Barr revealed how the White House and Trump’s personal lawyers had been given an advance look at the redacted document.

Bill Barr 2
Attorney General Bill Barr

Barr’s discrimination of Mueller’s report was favorable to Trump. In addition to finding no coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia the attorney general said Mueller had declined to reach a conclusion on whether the president had obstructed justice.

But the anodyne description believed what would soon be released. Mueller’s report, despite redactions, offered a stunning account of how Russia worked to help the Trump campaign and how Trump’s associates were willing to accept Russian assistance, and it presented an explosive and detailed narrative of how Trump sought to shut down the investigation as he worried about its impact.

“This is the end of my presidency,” Trump said, by Mueller’s account, when he learned of the Special Counsel’s appointment, “I’m fucked.”

The report told readers what the special counsel believed really happened at some shadow, meetings. Mueller’s team, for example, described how in early August 2016, Trump’s then campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, met with a man whom the FBI had assessed as having ties to Russian intelligence and that, that individual wanted “to deliver in person a peace plan for Ukraine that Manafort acknowledged to Special Counsel’s office was a ‘back-door’ way for Russia to control part of eastern Ukraine.”

“Both men believed the plan would require candidate Trump’s assent to succeed (were he elected President),” the special counsel wrote. “They also discussed the status of the Trump campaign and Manafort’s strategy for winning Democratic votes in Midwestern States.”

Report Offers Less Charitable Version For Trump

The Mueller Report describes how, more often than not, Trump’s aides essentially saved their boss from his worst impulses by ignoring his directives to interfere with the Mueller investigation. In perhaps the most stark example, the report alleged that Trump called White House Lawyer Don McGahn in June 2017 and told him to tell the acting attorney general that Mueller had to be removed.

Trump and McGahn
Trump and Don McGahn

“McGahn did not carry out the direction, however, deciding that he would resign rather than trigger what he regarded as a potential Saturday Night Massacre,” Mueller’s team wrote, referring to the night when President Nixon ordered his attorney general to fire a special prosecutor, triggered a cascade of resignations.”

“The evidence we obtained about the President’s actions and intent presents difficult issues that prevent us from conclusively determining that no criminal conduct occurred,” Mueller’s team wrote. “Accordingly, while this report does not conclude the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

Investigation Stymied By Lies

Witnesses told lies and the communications that they deleted or failed to maintain, and they said Trump himself, in resisting a sit-down interview that stated more than 30 times he “does not recall, or remember, or have an independent recollection” of information investigators asked about. Today there are 6 previous Trump staffers that are serving prison sentences or are awaiting prison sentences that were involved with the Mueller Investigation. The main charges with all, is obstructing justice by lying to the Special Counsel during the investigation of the Mueller report.

In Conclusion

This is just a snip-it of what this books offers on the Mueller Report, after reading and then re-reading this book, it offers information on what exactly happened, especially with the lack of communication with the president and his refusal to answer any questions from the special counsel about the Russian interference.

In my opinion, this report should be thoroughly investigated by Congress, and witnesses brought in to testify, like attorney general Barr. The Executive Privilege is in the courts right now on this Mueller Report, and as long as they go by the redacted version, it should not apply to Barr, for personal conversations with Trump.

While Mueller’s team could have issued a subpoena to try to force Trump’s testimony, they wrote that would have caused a “substantial delay,” and they already had “sufficient evidence to understand relevant events and to make certain assessments.”

The Mueller Report is the rare Washington tell-all that surpasses its pre-publication hype-the best book by far on the workings of the Trump presidency.

The report is doubly astonishing because in a town fueled by leaks, Mueller largely kept his work under wraps, until its release.

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  1. No doubt a great place to go for information about Mueller report and other information about Trump and the team of insiders at the White House.  Interesting analysis and snipets pointing out the highlights of the book to intrigue the reader and audience.  Look forward to more insights and analysis of this presidency and hopefully other members of the Washington DC elite and media.  I particularly liked the collection of video clips included, really cool to watch.  This site is a must visit for comprehensive look at the goings on in DC!

    1. Thank you Robert for your comment, I am trying to get to the truth about what is happening with the Political Elite and of course that starts with Trump, there are more of course and I will be looking into those elites as well. I appreciate the comment on my videos, it reminds me of what exactly is going on,, because it is on tape in their own words, and also I had to have a couple of comical videos. Thanks again.

  2. Thank you very much for this valuable article about the book “ The Mueller report ”  hope this book Will be very informative & everyone must need to collect one. I’m interested about Mueller report & want to collect one anyway…  I have learn a lot form this article. 

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    1. Thank you Abir for your comment, you will be very informed on what took place during the Mueller investigation and of course after, and how we have all been duped from our Attorney General Barr, and of course Trump.

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    I am originally from Indonesia but I live in the U.S. I am especially amazed with how many people who will not vote. I think it really is important to have our voice to be heard. We have to not only think about our time, but what about our next generation? I would really appreciate it if you could suggest a good book related to the importance of voting? I want to have my husband read it as he is American and eligible to vote but he never votes. 

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    1. Thank you for your comment Ferra, there is not really one true book on why it is important to vote, but my opinion is this, if you don’t vote, you really have no room to complain about the government. Here is a statement that I have always loved: A Government Big Enough To Give You Everything You Want, Is Strong Enough To Take Everything You Have. What I am saying is that the more you read about the candidates, or the incumbent (sitting president), the better you will be when it comes to your informed vote? I have a link here that maybe your husband should read. How Fascism Works by Jason Stanley. Thanks again for your comment.

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