What You Should Know About Politics…But Don’t

WSYKAPBDWhat You Should Know About Politics… But Don’t- A Nonpartisan Guide To The Issues That Matter By Jessamyn Conrad.

Living In Controversial Times

We are living in a Cataclysmic moment. Americans are engaged with many rights abuses occurring in the nation like never before. The rule of law, something the author spent a lifetime fighting for, is under daily attack.

There are many reasons for this: The internet and social media; the accelerated spread of news; and the increasing chasm between the insanely wealthy, the shrinking middle class, and the growing underclass, among other things. And all of this is reflected back at us in a divided and distorted news media. Each of us lives in the proverbial bubble, listening only to pundits who support our predetermined belief systems.

Be A Well-Informed Citizen

In What You Should Know About Politics… But Don’t, the subjects and information presented are the foundation of what, in an ideal world, everyone in this country should know to not only be part of a well-informed citizenry, but also be one that can discem between competing narratives and then form reasonable opinions that will be carried all the way to the voting booths.

Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, a conservative or progressive, or somewhat in the middle, this book tells you all that you need to know about elections, the economy, foreign policy, homeland security, education, and trade.

How do we assess all these complicated issues and changes from year to year and from one political cycle or administration to the next?News

We do so by taking the personal responsibility to inform ourselves. Our mainstream media, the fourth estate too often comes across as slanted toward an agenda or beholden to corporate owners and advertisers.

Terming critical and unfavorable news as “fake news” has become a common refrain. We require the tools necessary to discern fact from fiction, and, more precisely, to know what has been manipulated from unadulterated news.

What Is At Stake In The 2020 Presidential Election

Trump versus Biden
Trump versus Biden

This is an important book, essential to understanding what is at stake as we go into the 2020 presidential election. But it is equally important to continue to consult this volume long after the election is over and policies are formulated and debated, when new laws have come to the fore-front and old laws are tested.

In short, this is a significant work that helps us understand why the future of our democracy is so precious. Read it and rejoice that the framers of our U.S. Constitution set up a foundation for us to build our dreams on. Without dreams, what do we really have as a citizen. And our constitution gives us the luxury of not only imagining what we can do, but the freedom to accomplish them.

The Author Conrad Writes:

Jessamyn Conrad
Jessamyn Conrad

“I became interested in politics when we invaded Iraq. I had studied Islamic art, Middle Eastern history, and Arabic in college, and I was shocked by how little even the media knew about the issues they were covering.

“I realized that they probably didn’t know much more about monetary policy than they did about mosques, and so I got more involved. As a historian by training and nature, though, my instinct is to do a lot of research and try to figure out who wants what and why-then write about it. It’s a way of working that has led to this book, which is essentially a political primer with a dash of anthropology and cultural history, rather than a diatribe by someone who decided long ago who she hated and what she loved. I’m still trying to figure that out.

In Conclusion

In a world of soundbites, deliberate misinformation, and a political scene colored by the blue versus red partisan divide, how does the average educated American find a reliable source that’s free of political spin? This however is not new, but since the Trump administration took office in 2016, the wide spread divide of Democrats and Republicans have really hit the airways, with Fox News taking its stand with Donald Trump, and most others taking the side of either Independent or more progressive politics.

Trump administration
Trump Administration

Hence, when Trump came out with his slogan “fake news”, usually pointing fingers at CNN, many conservatives were buying into this somewhat propaganda touted from the White House, and other conservative radio and podcasts for the Republican Party as a whole. The news should be the source of truth, and not back any political agenda or party, this is what the news used to be, back in the day when we had maybe 3 to 4 channels to watch from.

What You Should Know About Politics, But Don’t break it all down, issue by issue, explaining who stands for what, and why-whether its the economy, income equality, Obamacare, foreign policy, education, immigration or climate change. If you’re a Democrat or Republican, or somewhere in between, its the perfect book to brush up on a single topic or read through to get a deeper understanding of the often murky world of American politics.

This is an essential volume for understanding the background to the 2020 presidential election. But it is also a book that transcends the seasons. It’s truly for anyone who wants to know more about the perennial issues that will continue to affect our everyday lives. The fourth edition includes an introduction by Martin Garbus discussing the themes and issues that have come to the fore-front during the present presidential cycle.

If you are a registered voter, and or voting for the first time, this book will give you the researched information that you need to be an informed voter in the 2020 presidential election as well as voting in your specific Senators, Congressmen and Women, as well as your local mayors. It makes sense to be informed these days, when making such a very important decision on who to vote for and investigate what it is that the person you are looking at is doing either while in office already or new to any given office, before you cast your vote.

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  1. This is a very wonderful post that you have written here. I do not know so much about politics myself but I must tell you that it is very nice to see you give such substantial amount of information here. I have not seen anyone talk about this before especially because we have become engulfed in the whole lockdown saga. This is a very good post. I especially like that you can discuss the issue if the media. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you Henderson for your comment, I know that most people aren’t into politics, but me being the nerd that I am, it is my life and I am glad to share everything that has helped me grow through the political lens. Politics is and will play a part in the COVID19 Pandemic, in the U.S. anyway, and this is disturbing to me, how you can put lively hoods against human lives, and it seems here in the U.S. the Republicans are all about the economy and the Democrats are about saving human lives. Hard decisions that will make or break a political career. Thanks anyway for your comment, greatly appreciated.

  2. What you should know about politics but don’t, This is really a very interesting title. 

    A book that contains so many informations on elections, the economy, foreign policy, homeland security, education, and trade is really worth getting. I will ensure I get this book it’s really going to be educating. Thanks for adding up a link for purchase. Thanks

    1. Thank you Sheddy for your comment, and for your purchase of this most informative and non-biased approach into the politics of the world as well as the United States of America, enjoy your book and thanks again.

  3. Hello there, thank you so much for this very informative article, I understand that putting up such a lot of conscious, calculayed and deliberate effort has gone into it, and I really must commend your writing skill because I didn’t even notive when I finished reading this post, if the review can be so captivating I can’t wait to read the whole book, I’m placing an order straight away.

    1. Thank you Jomata for your comment, this is one of the most informative books out there right now for a non-biased approach to the political divide that we see in todays America. Thanks very much for your purchase and I hope you enjoy the book What You Should Know About Politics…But Don’t.

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