Who Is Rick Wilson-Republican Strategist?

Rick Wilson
Rick Wilson

Who is Rick Wilson? Wilson is a republican political strategist, media consultant and author based in Florida who has produced television political commercials for governors, U.S. senate candidates, super PAC’s and corporations.

Wilson was a frequent guest on political panel shows during the 2016 United States Presidential Election, where he aired serial denunciations of Donald Trump and his supporters. He was later a strategist for The Evan McMullin presidential campaign, since Trumps election as President, Wilson has continued to be a critic.

Career Of Rick Wilson

He entered the political arena by campaigning for Connie Mack during the 1988 Florida Senate election. Later he served on George H.W. Bush’s campaign as Florida field director.

Wilson was also a presidential appointee to The Department of Defense, under the secretary of defense, Dick Cheney.

In 1994, Wilson joined a Florida media firm, where he created, “Pollie Award Winning” ads for Rudy Giuliani during the 1997 New York City Mayoral election. In 1999, Wilson moved to New York City where he initially worked at City Hall, and then later campaigned for Giuliani during the 2000, New York Senate Election.Rick Wilson's career

Rick Wilson has also written numerous opinion analysis columns for publications like The New York Dailey News. The Federalists Ricochet, The Daily Beast, Politico and The Independent Journal Review.

Rick Wilson’s-Everything Trump Touches Dies

Wilson delivers “a seriously honest, bitingly funny, comprehensive answer to the question we find ourselves asking most mornings: “What the hell is going on?” This book gives more unvarnished truths about Donald Trump than anyone else in American political establishment has offered. Wilson has done to the country, to the Republican Party, and to the conservative movement that has abandoned its principles for “the worst President in American History.”

Rick Wilson dismantles Trump’s deceptions and the allusions to which his supporters cling, scheduling light on the Book on Trumpguilty parties who empower and enable Trump in Washington and in the media.

No left-winger, Wilson is a lifelong conservative who delivers his critique of Trump from the right. He is a leader of Never Trumpers movement, he warned from the start, that Trump would destroy the lives and reputations of everyone in his orbit, and the book, Everything Trump Touches Dies, is a chronicle of the tragicomic political story of our time. From the early campaign days to the shock of the election night in 2016, to the, “inconceivable train wreck of Trump’s first year.” Wilson provides not only an insightful analysis of the Trump administration, but also an optimistic path forward for the GOP, the conservative movement, and the country.

Kirkus Reviews Of Everything Trump Touches Dies

Kirkus states: Hilarious, smartly written, and usually spot-on.” It is perfect for those on either side of the aisle who need a dose of unvarnished reality, a good laugh, a strong cocktail and a return to sanity in American politics.

Wilson On MSNBC, Of Course About Trump

Rick Wilson has been a guest political GOP strategist on MSNBC numerous times, here is a little snip into some of his comments about Trump and Trump allies in congress and in the senate.

He briefly grossed out the other guests and the host in a MSNBC statement by using a vivid metaphor that included Senator Lindsey Graham shaving President Trump’s back.

“I think Lindsey Graham is sort of rolling tragedy right now, where he knows much better than this. He knows-he knows Biden doesn’t deserve this. He knows the facts don’t merit it and he know’s he’s contributing to this propaganda effort.” Wilson told Katy Tur on MSNBC.Wilson on MSNBC

Tur asked why Graham was doing this, and Wilson speculated it was because he wanted to remain in the senate or get a better job in The Trump Administration. He says:

“He is a man without a single moral qualm. You know, today he said his obligation, you know, Lindsey had an obligation to The Constitution, the law, and the voters of South Carolina. But now basically if Donald Trump says, hey come over and shave my back, Lindsey is going to be there.”

Rick Wilson’s Warning Of-Trump’s Political Dynasty

In his typically blunt fashion, Republican consultant claims the U.S. will never be rid of the Trump family if the president survives his impeachment trial and is re-elected in 2020.

Getting right to the point in his Daily Beast column, Wilson writes, “Eight years of Trump sucks right? Its terrible, Trump familyisn’t it? Right? Oh you cockey optimists. Adding, if he wins in 2020, were never getting rid of the dolts.”

“The re-election of Trump guarantees, the rise of the Imperial Trumps, a family cult built on the remains of the moldering corpse of the GOP, featuring all the warmth of North Korea’s Kim dynasty and a kind of Hapsburg-jawed je ne sais, dumb f*ck rein.

In Conclusion

Rick Wilson is an interesting, somewhat vulgar, opinionated commentator and writer, with a huge negative narrative of our President, Donald Trump and his allies as well as his administration. He has written two books on or about Donald Trump and I have listed some high lights of one of those books in this article. Everything Trump Touches Dies. I have placed a couple of links, so that you can get the book from Amazon, if interested in a good, somewhat funny read.

Ivanka and Jared
Jared and Ivanka

Wilson also thinks that Trump is trying to put in place a dynasty of sort, with his adult children, being a big part of Donald’s politics, especially Don Jr., Jared Kushner (Ivanka’s husband) and Ivanka Trump all being a part of the Trump Dynasty in Wilson’s mind.

Rick Wilson is an interesting, obviously a very intelligent man, but in my opinion, he is a little brass and overly critical of The Trump Administration, he (Donald Trump) is our President and talking so negatively talking about him all the time, shows weakness in our political standing in the world. It is okay to have discussions, conversations, but if we can do this in a mature, intelligent way it could only help us with our disagreements about policies and what is happening in The White House and in the world in which we live in.

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  1. Thank you very much for such a good article

    I, first of all, thank you for the hard work you put in to bring this website together. i found nery useful article here so i do appreciate. I enjoyd the history of Rick Wilson, this made me to spend much time on this article and also i have bookmarked it for furher reading.

  2. I’m somewhat familiar with Rick Wilson’s work, and I’m not really sure how I feel about him. But, I do think he may be right about Trump positioning himself to create a dynasty of some sort; Especially if he gets back into office after the elections. 

    Also, I didn’t realize he played a huge role in creating ads for Rudy back in the 90s. This was a good read though!

    1. Thanks Nate for your comment, Wilson has been apart of the Republican party for a long time, but the way he turned on Trump was quick and a little cruel at points. I do respect some of his opinions and theories, but I can do without all the bashing, from him as well as from Donald Trump, but this book is a good read with humor and some great points to what possibly Trump might have up his sleeve.

  3. Wow, thank you for your awesome writing article about political books. Your writing skills are so good and interesting and informative and I have got a lot of information about political books. I love the information you give me and this information will greatly enhance the range of human knowledge.You have addressed all the political issues through your writing which I like very much.It is important for every person to have political knowledge and every man should read political books.The information you give me will be useful in my life. 

    1. Thank you MD Millat for your comment, I do want to see both sides and my next post will be about the Republicans and how they see the political outlook for the future of their party and the great economy, as well as, how the impeachment has affected the divide amongst our country, we do better when we can work together and not one party against the other.

  4. Interesting perspective from the right. Honesty is a rare find when it comes to the political arena with so much partisan finger pointing at the expense of the taxpayer. The taxpayer should not have to pay for politicians’ egos and reputations and it goes for both sides of the fence. With Rick Wilson, though, I have to agree that it’s a little brass and critical. With so much of it being critical and following the mainstream angle you have to wonder if it’s more of about book promotion than anything. I look forward to more opinions from the right during these partisan times.

    1. Thank you Pentrental for your comment, it is all about the discussions we can have and not about one side or the other, but until we get both sides of the spectrum, it is hard to see the truth, in my opinion.

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